Belgian Aeropress Championship

The cracking Belgian Aeropress Championship poster!

News from Belgium…

“I’m happy to announce the second edition of the Belgian Aeropress Championship (#BAC) to be held at our Bar, Hopland 46, Antwerp 14th, Easter monday April 9 at 14h.

3 (professional) judges will taste (blind) to see which competitor prepares the tastiest cup of coffee, brewed by the AP.

Caffenation will send all competitors a bag of the same coffee 2 week upfront.

We are looking to 12 or 16 (max) persons to compete. You don’t have to be a professional. I think it’s very good to have some amateurs on stage as well.

It’s free entrance and every competitor will win a price.

Limarc will provide a mobile brew and espresso bar.
Now we only need sunny weather.”

More information here.

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