Shuichi Sasaki’s WAC winning recipe

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16.5g coffee, 78℃, 250cc, soft mineral water, EK43 Grind at 9.5

Rinse normal paper filter, in standard position.
40g of blooming water for 25 seconds, stir 5 times.
Add 210g of water, stir once.
Press very slowly for 75 seconds.
Leave 45g.

Shuichi Sasaki wins the 2014 World Aeropress Championship


1st. Shuichi Sasaki (Paul Bassett Coffee) - 2014 Japanese Aeropress Champion

2nd. Martin Karabiňoš (Dublin Cafe) - 2014 Slovakian Aeropress Champion

3rd. Jeff Verellen (CaffeNation) - 2014 Belgium Aeropress Champion


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Huge thank you to everyone who travelled across the globe to either compete or witness the madness of the WACs, on the beach mind you. An incredibly impressive effort from the 3 judges, Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann and Tim Styles who cupped through 13 rounds of coffees in sweltering heat. Massive thank you to the people who supported the competition with equipment : Marco supplied boilers and an Uber grinder, Mahlkönig donated an EK43, Brita with perfectly formed water, Bonavita donated kettles and scales for competing with and a prizes, KeepCup for supplying the competition cups. Extra special thank you to the fine folks at CafeImports who had the difficult task of shipping coffee to 27 different countries with their lovely from Perla Chiquita. All these beautiful photos were taken by Luca Rossetti. Thanks also to Jordan as DJ Sprudge who managed to warm the place even further with his epic selection of Italo disco jams…

And of course, La Marzocco, practically family to me now. Marta, Eliana, Enrico, Guido, Chris & co. You are amazing. Thanks again!

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Recipes soon…

Your 2014 WAC Competitors…






1. Chen SiSi (Essence Cafe in ShangHai) –  2014 Chinese Aeropress Champion

2. Kai Keong Ng (Bear Brothers and Cow) - 2014 Swiss Aeropress Champion

3. Aldrin Lumaban (Craft Coffee Revolution) - 2014 Philippine Aeropress Champion

4. Lara San Miguel (Right Side Coffee) – 2014 Spanish Aeropress Champion

5. Luzia Taschler (Machhörndl Kaffee) - 2013 German Aeropress Champion

6. Peter Szalczer - 2014 Hungarian Aeropress Champion

7. Dylan Johnson (Paramount Coffee Project) – 2014 Australian Aeropress Champion

8. Mikkel Selmer (La Cabra Coffee Roasters) - 2014 Danish Aeropress Champion

9. Nicholas Rapp (Flight Coffee) - 2014 New Zealand Brewers Cup Champion

10. Lukas Soľanič (Borovica Wellness Hotel) - 2014 Czech Aeropress Champion

11. Alep Wolly ( Toby’s Estate Coffee) - 2014 Singapore Aeropress Champion

12. Melodie Hoff (Anomaly) - 2014 French Aeropress Champion

13. Simon Boone (CaffeNation) - 2014 Dutch Aeropress Champion

14. Monika Winiarek (Coffee Angel) - 2014 Irish Aeropress Champion

15. Jeff Verellen (CaffeNation) - 2014 Belgium Aeropress Champion

16. Jeremy Moore (Bonlife Coffee) - 2014 USA Aeropress Champion

17. Oscar Nyman (Perkelator) - 2014 Swedish Aeropress Champion

18. Eystien Veflingstad (Lippe) - 2014 Norwegian Aeropress Champion

19. Samuli Parkkinen (Home Enthusiast) - 2014 Finnish Aeropress Champion

20. Ilona Przewoźniczek (Ministerstwo Kawy) - 2014 Polish Aeropress Champion

21. Shuichi Sasaki (Paul Bassett Coffee) - 2014 Japanese Aeropress Champion

22. David Robson (On the Brew Cafe) - 2014 Scottish Aeropress Champion

23. Gabrielle von Koss (Square Mile Coffee Roasters) - 2014 UK Aeropress Champion

24. Martin Karabiňoš (Dublin Cafe) - 2014 Slovakian Aeropress Champion

25. Davide Spinelli (Work Up) - 2014 Italian Aeropress Champion

26. Daniel Erasmus (Colombo Coffee & Tea) - 2014 South African Aeropress Champion

27. Boris Ortner (Kaffeemodul) - 2014 Austrian Aeropress Champion

The recipe for an Aeropress competition

A wonderfully quirky interaction video on making your own Aeropress competition by the talented Julian Lucas.

Perla Chiquita from Café Imports


The wonderfully generous folks at Café Imports are our coffee supporters for the WACs and have decided on a wonderfully unique coffee from Perla Chiquita in Northern Ecuador. Any coffee that contains ‘wild fruity florals’ is fine by us here at WAC headquarters.

Those of you who have won national competitions and have yet to complete registration via here, will need to do so by Monday 26th May. Any entries after this date will not receive coffee and will not be eligible to compete in Rimini.

2014 AACs modus operandi

We had 3 wonderful finalists among a talented 18 other competitors who gave great efforts to compete in Friday night’s Australian Aeropress Championships. It seems the approach to the Aeropress is ever evolving. Tighter and more focussed techniques are shining and the results are showing. The cup quality was exceptional, and Small Batch’s Chele’lektu was shinning. Here are the top 3 techniques :


1st place : Dylan Johnson (Paramount Coffee Project, Sydney)

13.4g coffee / 200g water @95c / 2.30min

Sort and sieve coffee
Non-inverted aeropress
Dose coffee
Add 50g of water, stir gently to wet coffee
@30sec add 50g of water, stir well
@1min add 100g of water, stir well
Insert plunger
Plunge from 1.30 to 2.30

2nd place : Eva Shao (Cup Coffee, Brisbane
14.5g coffee / 220g water @ 85c / 3.00min
Preheat inverted aeropress
Select beans.14.5g course grind
Remove chuff stuck on the side of collector, and also with a puffer
Slowly pour 220g of 85degree water in 30sec period
At 45 sec dip/break and clean like cupping
Place rinsed 5x5cm square filter paper and able fine metal filter on cap
Cap, remove air then flip at 1:45
Slowly press out 200ml from 2:00 to 3:00
Light stir, allow brew to settle a bit, then slow pour to serve


3rd place : Sean McManus (Single Origin Roasters, Sydney)
13g coffee / 200g water @ 85c / 1.45min
Method :
Grind 18g delicious filter coffee (wipe out any visible husk)
Micro sift for 60 seconds
Bolder sift till your left with 13g’s of pretty much “near f’ing perfect” ground coffee
Wrap your sexy AEROPRESS in your favourite “comical” stubby cooler now known as your aeropress warmer.
Pour boiling water in your inverted aeropress and leave for at least 2min
Rinse filter
Coffee in
85 deg water (200g) in
Agitate while pouring for 20seconds
Compress  brew to surface
Screw base
1min flip
3 light swirls
25second extraction (gentle push down)
Stop as soon as see grounds
Celebrate your efforts by introducing a beer to your face

2014 Australian Aeropress Championship results




Huge congratulations to Dylan Johnson of Paramount Coffee Project in Sydney on his win in the Australian Aeropress Championships last night. Also, an equally huge congratulations to Eva Shao of Cup Coffee in Brisbane for her impressive 2nd place and finally the charismatic Sean McManus of Single Origin Roasters on his beer shower inducing 3rd place. We’ll have their recipes in a later post.

Massive thanks to the team behind Small Batch and Filter for ensuring such a great atmosphere in a really beautiful space – you’ve all been incredibly helpful. The MCing by Ryan Shelton and Jenni Bryant was fittingly amusing.  Music from Mark W. Free and Jordan Michelman of Sprudge was inspired. Thanks also to the tireless efforts of our 3 judges Andrew Kelly, Tim Styles and Russell Beard.

Thanks of course to all of you who made the event as fun as usual and to all the competitors for lugging their gear across the country to compete.

Now, thanks to Andrew Kelly’s generosity, Dylan will be headed to Rimini to compete in the World Aeropress Championships!


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