2014 Swiss Aeropress Championships



Yet another national Aeropress Championship, and yet another beautiful poster!

More information featured on the equally beautiful Swiss Aeropress Championship website : http://www.aeropress.ch


22.3.2014 Zeit: 14.00 – ca. 18.00 Uhr plus Aperó anschliessend. Kaffee kann morgens ab 9.00 Uhr im frühling abgeholt werden.


Cafe frühling, Klybeckstr. 69, Basel


Immer drei TeilnehmerInnen brühen zur gleichen Zeit je eine AeroPress innerhalb von acht Minuten. Der Kaffee wird am morgen zur Verfügung gestellt und ist für alle TeilnehmerInnen identisch. Drei Juroren wählen aus, welcher Kaffee am besten zubereitet wurde. Der beste Kaffee geht in die nächste Runde. Drei Semi-Finals mit je 3 TeilnehmerInnen entscheiden über die Finalteilnahme. Der oder die GewinnerIn vertritt die Schweiz bei der World Aeropress Championship 2014. Regeln der World Aeropress Championship: http://worldaeropresschampionship.com/about/

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2014 Belgian Aeropress Championships



These are the guys to beat. The Belgians boast a stunning selection of champions and runners-up in the World Aeropress Championships. Incredibly, Jeff Verellen and Charlene Debuysere have won the last 3 WACs – so perhaps you should take note as to how they brew…

Coffee : By Caffenation (TBA)
Place : Caffenation, Mechelsesteenweg 16, 2000 Antwerpen
Judges : 

Ray (30 ml, Utrecht NL)
Martijn (The Village, Utrecht NL)
Maaike (True Barista, Arnhem NL)

2014 Spanish Aeropress Championships


Campeonato Español de Aeropress

Martes 1 de abril 2014  (17.00h)

Por primera ves en España, Barista Kim organiza el campeonato nacional de Aeropress en su nuevo Cøffee Lab & Shop en el centro de la maravillosa ciudad Barcelona. (Pasaje Sert, 12)

Baristas y amantes de café que quieren participar, entran aqui: http://www.baristakim.es/aeropress

Contamos con regalos y trofeos increíbles de nuestros amigos y patrocinadores.

Como jueces contamos con Jeff Verellen (Campeón Mundial del Campeonato de Aeropress 2011 & 2013),  Nino Tusell (Maestro Tostador) y Kim Ossenblok (Tercero del Mundo del Campeonato de Cata de Café 2012).

Para mas inflo, contacte conmigo: http://www.baristakim.es

Buen Barista, Buen Café!

And again, for the English speakers…

For the first time in Spain, Barista Kim has organised the Spanish Aeropress Championships in his new Coffee Lab & Shop in the centre of the wonderful city of Barcelona.

Baristas & coffee lovers who would like to participate, can go here: http://www.baristakim.es/aeropress

We can count on incredible prices for participants & winners, offered by our friends and sponsors.

As the judges we can count on Jeff Verellen (World Aeropress Champion 2011 & 2013),  Nino Tusell (Local Master Coffee Roaster) and Kim Ossenblok (3th place World Cup Tasting Championship 2012).

Feel free to contact Kim at http://www.baristakim.es

Buen Barista, Buen Café!

2014 Peruvian Aeropress Championships



It gives me great pleasure to announce the 1st ever Peruvian Aeropress Championships. Thanks to David Torres Bisetti of Tostaduria Bisetti for hosting. You can express your interest in competing to aeropressperu@gmail.com

2014 Swedish Aeropress Championships


Look out Sweden! Your 3rd national Aeropress competition is coming… and another brilliant poster has been produced by Brian W Jones of Dear Coffee, I Love You.

Swedish AeroPress Championship 2014

When & Where
Saturday, 12 April, 2014
13:00 – 17:00

J&N at Work
Hantverkargatan 7
112 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Free to compete (limited to 18 competitors / 3 from a single company)

Competition Coffee
roasted by Johan & Nyström

#1 TBA
#2 TBA
#3 TBA

RSVP on Facebook
Use #WACSM on Twitter & Instagram

More info here

South East Regional Aeropress Championship

Aeropress poster

Some details have emerged regarding the South East Regional Aeropress Competition in the US. On the 5th April at 2pm people from AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA will press it out with the chance to compete in the 2014 US Aeropress Championships… details at this stage are slim, but finer details will slowly evolve – just like humans have. The venue for the SEAC will be Bonlife Coffee, 241 Inman St. E., Cleveland, TN 37311.

More info here.

2 judges of 3 confirmed :

Rob Tuttle : VP of Coffee Excellence, Thrive Farmers

After spending the first part of his career in corporate America in operational roles with companies like Neiman Marcus and Home Depot, Rob leaped into the world of coffee in 2003 when he opened his own coffee house in the Northern suburbs of Atlanta and began his pursuit of excellence in coffee.

Since 2005 Rob has been involved with the United States Barista Championship and the Specialty Coffee Association of America. In 2009 he became one of seven United States based World Barista Championship Certified Judges and served as a judge at the WBC 2009 and 2011. He has also been invited to Judge Internationally in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru, serving as the Head Judge and Instructor for many of the Championships. Currently Rob is the Co-Chair and Head Judge of the USBC and a Judge for WCE events (WBC), as well as a Certified Lead Instructor for the SCAA. Rob has been featured in Fresh Cup Magazine, Specialty Coffee, Gourmet News and numerous trade magazines and blogs.

Rob has traveled in the US and abroad teaching and training the coffee craft. Young or old, from experienced to amateur, he has been able to help people from all walks of life improve their coffee skills, which in turn, enhances their enjoyment of this timeless ritual.

THRIVE is dedicated to educating coffee lovers on all aspects of coffee, beginning with the farmer at origin and continuing through to an amazing experience in the cup. In his role with THRIVE, Rob presides over everything we do related to that outcome with a meticulous, yet practical, approach to quality.

Rob lives in the greater Atlanta area with his wife, Beth, and two children. Beyond coffee he finds great enjoyment in martial arts, cycling, craft brewing and travel. He is an active member of Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, GA.

Jeremy Moore : Founder, Bonlife Coffee

Jeremy has spent his life travelling the globe in search of the perfect coffee. From the island of Hispaniola to Burma and beyond, he loves to share a good cup with the people whose lives are most affected by the crop. In his role at Bonlife, Jeremy spend much of his time working with farmers to ensure quality, consistency, and deeper relationships.

He is a SCAA certified lead Instructor, member of the SCAA Roasters Guild, and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence. When he’s not searching for the God Shot, he spends time with his wife and two sons playing random games and looking for ways to make people laugh. His favorite cup is a light roast Ethiopian Natural through Chemex, but he’ll likely come back as poorly executed Aeropress of something dark.

Mystery Judge : Third Judge will AMAZE…

Norwegian Aeropress Championships


As you may know, the Aeropress Championships were born in Oslo, specifically at Tim Wendelboe and the first World Aeropress Champion was but a humble home brewer of the name Anders Valde. His exact whereabouts are a delicious mystery, but it’s thought you can still spot him frequenting the best of the best coffee bars and roasters in Oslo.

Unlike the mysticism of Anders Valde, the 2014 Norwegian Aeropress Championship are alive and approaching. Oddly, there has never been a Norwegian national competition, but the committed folks at Kaffikaze have set the stage. Details at this point are scarce, but important details are as follows :

2014 Norwegian Aeropress Championships
The first ever NAC will be arranged by Kaffikaze in collaboration with Nordic Approach and Tim Wendelboe.

Location – Barista School, Tromsøgata 5b, 0565 Oslo, Norway
Time – 16:00, 22nd March, 2014

More details will follow. If you’re wanting to host a national Aeropress competition, please get in touch with WAC Headquarters.


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