This Is How You Do It.

Straight out of the blocks, the inaugural New Zealand Aeropress Championships look like a tremendous success. If you’re hosting a national competition, or thinking about doing so in the year to come, you could do worse than taking a leaf out of the Kiwi book.

Thanks to Ozone, Acaia Coffee Scales, Macfarlanes Assist, Bonavita, AMC Roastery Supply, RGB Filters, Black Dog Brewery and Green Meadows Beef for putting on a great first event.

Would you like to host the 2015 United States Aeropress Championship?

For the first time, we’re throwing opportunity to host the US Aeropress Championship open! We need it to happen before April 5th, as the World Championships are happening just a week or so after that date. If you have access to a great venue and want to roll your sleeves up to throw an Aeropress party, we’d love to hear from you.

Scared? Nervous? Unsure of yourself as a first time host? Don’t be — we can help you make it happen.

2015 Scottish Aeropress Championship


Bonnie laddies and lassies of Scotland, the 2015 Scottish Aeropress Championship is upon us.

Hosted again this year by Dear Green Coffee Roasters, the evening of March 4th will see just 20 competitors battle it out for Aeropress supremacy at SWG3 in Glasgow. Entrants will be provided with coffee roasted by the hosts, a Marco water boiler and a variety of grinders from Mahlkonig but should bring their own Aeropress and peripheral brewing support equipment.

Cat Cubie will be on the mic as event MC, and officiating will be the esteemed judicial triad of John Thomson, James Shepherd and Matt Slater, charged with the responsibility of giving away prizes donated by TKC Sales, Dear Green, Knock and Aerobie.

If you thought the fun was limited to those competing, you couldn’t be more wrong (and should be ashamed of yourself). Try this on for size;

  • Music by El Rancho DJs
  • Full bar service by SWG3 featuring a Dear Green X Drygate Coffee Ale (!)
  • A brew bar run by and featuring Scottish specialty coffee roasters
  • A merchandise stand
  • Food by Babu Bombay Street Kitchen

There’s space for a good many folk and entry is free, so be there.

Scottish Aeropress Championship 2015
Wednesday March 4th, 6:00pm
100 Eastvale Place
Glasgow, G3 8QG

Competitor Entry: £15
Tickets @
(Spectator Entry is Free)

More information at:

Sponsored by: La Marzocco, Dear Green Coffee Roasters, Knock, SWG3, Drygate Brewing Co, Aerobie, TKC Sales, Marco Beverage Systems

2015 English Aeropress Championship


** Hold the phone — we’ve just confirmed our 2015 judging panel! **

Judging this year’s championship will be Directors of Operations from both Square Mile and Workshop, Felicity Tahtis and Tim Williams, but the really exciting news is that they’ll be joined by the incomparable master of udon, the chef of Koya, the coffee-loving Junya Yamasaki.


Lock up your Corgis (and Prince Phillip) — the 2015 Aeropress Championship of England is here.

Joining forces and bringing back the once-a-year-only WorkMile/SquareShop blend for 2015 are Workshop Coffee Co. and Square Mile Coffee Roasters, with the latter playing host at their Bethnal Green roastery from 4pm on Saturday, March 7th.

Tickets have already sold out to 27 very quick-clicking competitors, but it’s shaping up to be a great night for spectators and champions-in-waiting, alike. It wouldn’t be a London coffee event without beer from The Kernel, and this year the amazing street food of Pitmaster P’s “Miss Ps Barbeque“. On the mic is Rusty Brown(s of Brockley), and on the decks, DJ Bill ‘Fines Migration’ Tahtis.

Spectator entry is free.

2015 Aeropress Championship of England
Saturday, March 7th @ 4:00pm
Square Mile Coffee Roasters
8 Pritchards Road
E2 9 AP, London

2015 Italian Aeropress Championship


Ciao ciao! It’s the 2nd Italian Aeropress Championship!

Following last year success Terrone Coffee and IMS Filtri are glad to bring the 2nd Italian Aeropress Championship back to Milan.

This year location is Bioesseri’ in Via De Amicis.

Sunday 1st of March 2015 at 4pm

A brew bar with free tasting of hand brewed coffee will be available all day, followed by the usual aperitivo Italian style!

The 18 competitor slots have been filled in less than 3 hours! This is a true record. Maybe because the winner will be sent to SEATTLE to represent Italy in the WORLD AEROPRESS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Flights and accommodation have been kindly offered by our super sponsors.

They have also offered tons of gadgets available for runner ups.

Mahlkonig EK43 and Brita water will be available on the Bunn boilers.

We have roasted an amazing single origin from Kenya kindly offered by Falcon Green importers!

Check out our Italian Aeropress fan page for more info and updates on the event.

2015 Belgian Aeropress Championship


Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters will be hosting the 5th Belgian Aeropress Championship on 15 March.

Come join them for great snacks, coffee, beers, and cool tunes – and of course, witness some major Aeropress action, starting 11.30 hours.

There are exciting prizes to be won for the top 3 positions because they believe that time and dedication to the craft of an Aeropress brew should be duly rewarded. What’s better: the grand prize winner will win a paid flight to Seattle, WA to represent Belgium in a secured spot at the World Aeropress Championships, which coincides with the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s exhibition.

2015 Dutch Aeropress Championship


Another brilliant poster for the 2015 Dutch Aeropress Championships.

Op vrijdag 13 maart organiseren wij voor de tweede keer achtereen het Dutch Aeropress Championship. Hij gaat weer plaatsvinden in onze vestiging op de Oosterdokskade in Amsterdam.

Wij zijn sinds de Aeropress in Nederland te vinden is fan van deze veelzijdige en simpele zetmethode. De aeropress is een kunststof zetsysteem voor koffie. Alan Adler, bekend van de Aerobie-frisbee, vond hem vanuit persoonlijke enthousiasme voor goede koffie uit. Het resultaat was een ronde buis met een papieren filter onderin. Een rubberen ring zorgt ervoor dat de koffie handmatig door het filter wordt gedrukt. Tegenwoordig worden alle filterkoffies in de Coffeecompany gemaakt met Aeropress.

Het leukste aan de Aeropress is dat er zo veel mogelijk is. Daarom is dit de favoriete methode van veel van onze barista’s. De methode is zo veelzijdig dat dit jaar in tientallen landen nationale competities zijn en in 2008 het eerste wereldkampioenschap werd georganiseerd in Oslo.

In tegenstelling tot veel koffiewedstrijden is deze laagdrempelig van aard. Alle deelnemers gebruiken dezelfde koffie, en strijden via een afvalmechanisme tegen elkaar. Wie de lekkerste koffie voor de driekoppige jury maakt, gaat door naar de volgende ronde. De winnaar mag zich niet alleen Nederlands Aeropresskampioen noemen, maar gaat ook begin april naar Seattle voor het wereldkampioenschap.

Inschrijvingen openen hier vrijdag 13 februari om 10.00 uur. Kosten zijn €20,-. Natuurlijk is iedereen die geïnteresseerd is welkom op 13 maart!


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