The recipe for an Aeropress competition

A wonderfully quirky interaction video on making your own Aeropress competition by the talented Julian Lucas.

Perla Chiquita from Café Imports


The wonderfully generous folks at Café Imports are our coffee supporters for the WACs and have decided on a wonderfully unique coffee from Perla Chiquita in Northern Ecuador. Any coffee that contains ‘wild fruity florals’ is fine by us here at WAC headquarters.

Those of you who have won national competitions and have yet to complete registration via here, will need to do so by Monday 26th May. Any entries after this date will not receive coffee and will not be eligible to compete in Rimini.

2014 AACs modus operandi

We had 3 wonderful finalists among a talented 18 other competitors who gave great efforts to compete in Friday night’s Australian Aeropress Championships. It seems the approach to the Aeropress is ever evolving. Tighter and more focussed techniques are shining and the results are showing. The cup quality was exceptional, and Small Batch’s Chele’lektu was shinning. Here are the top 3 techniques :


1st place : Dylan Johnson (Paramount Coffee Project, Sydney)

13.4g coffee / 200g water @95c / 2.30min

Sort and sieve coffee
Non-inverted aeropress
Dose coffee
Add 50g of water, stir gently to wet coffee
@30sec add 50g of water, stir well
@1min add 100g of water, stir well
Insert plunger
Plunge from 1.30 to 2.30

2nd place : Eva Shao (Cup Coffee, Brisbane
14.5g coffee / 220g water @ 85c / 3.00min
Preheat inverted aeropress
Select beans.14.5g course grind
Remove chuff stuck on the side of collector, and also with a puffer
Slowly pour 220g of 85degree water in 30sec period
At 45 sec dip/break and clean like cupping
Place rinsed 5x5cm square filter paper and able fine metal filter on cap
Cap, remove air then flip at 1:45
Slowly press out 200ml from 2:00 to 3:00
Light stir, allow brew to settle a bit, then slow pour to serve


3rd place : Sean McManus (Single Origin Roasters, Sydney)
13g coffee / 200g water @ 85c / 1.45min
Method :
Grind 18g delicious filter coffee (wipe out any visible husk)
Micro sift for 60 seconds
Bolder sift till your left with 13g’s of pretty much “near f’ing perfect” ground coffee
Wrap your sexy AEROPRESS in your favourite “comical” stubby cooler now known as your aeropress warmer.
Pour boiling water in your inverted aeropress and leave for at least 2min
Rinse filter
Coffee in
85 deg water (200g) in
Agitate while pouring for 20seconds
Compress  brew to surface
Screw base
1min flip
3 light swirls
25second extraction (gentle push down)
Stop as soon as see grounds
Celebrate your efforts by introducing a beer to your face

2014 Australian Aeropress Championship results




Huge congratulations to Dylan Johnson of Paramount Coffee Project in Sydney on his win in the Australian Aeropress Championships last night. Also, an equally huge congratulations to Eva Shao of Cup Coffee in Brisbane for her impressive 2nd place and finally the charismatic Sean McManus of Single Origin Roasters on his beer shower inducing 3rd place. We’ll have their recipes in a later post.

Massive thanks to the team behind Small Batch and Filter for ensuring such a great atmosphere in a really beautiful space – you’ve all been incredibly helpful. The MCing by Ryan Shelton and Jenni Bryant was fittingly amusing.  Music from Mark W. Free and Jordan Michelman of Sprudge was inspired. Thanks also to the tireless efforts of our 3 judges Andrew Kelly, Tim Styles and Russell Beard.

Thanks of course to all of you who made the event as fun as usual and to all the competitors for lugging their gear across the country to compete.

Now, thanks to Andrew Kelly’s generosity, Dylan will be headed to Rimini to compete in the World Aeropress Championships!

2014 World Aeropress Championships

0190 Aeropress_online

Well, here it is people: the 2014 World Aeropress Championships poster. We’ve had an incredible amount of national competitions in the lead up to the 2104 WACs; more than ever. It’s amazing to see how many countries have embraced the competition and all have kept the vibe alive. This is the 7th annual World Aeropress Championship.

This year, the WACs will literally be held on the beach! Here are the details :

Date : Monday 9th June, 2014 from 6pm

Where : Turquoise Beach Club, Viale Lungomare Tintori, 6 – 47921 Rimini

Co-hosts : La Marzocco

Supporters : Aerobie, Cafe Imports, Sprudge, Marco, VST, Bonavita, KeepCup and more…

Judges : Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann and Tim Styles

MCs : Ben Kaminsky and Tim Varney

Coffee Partner : Cafe Imports

The competition is full to the brim, here is the growing list of competitors. We are expecting around 30 nations to compete, all of which have held national competitions. Winners of national competitions must now sign up – registration will close on Friday 30th May. Registration for pre-approved national competition winners can be done here :

Co-hosting the event will be La Marzocco, who have graciously offered to share the Turquoise Beach Club with them. They’ll be a BBQ and appropriate refreshments on hand. Music will come from coffee’s premier disk jockeys : the SPRUDGE DJs. Look out for the newest addition to the competition ‘Extract-o-vision’ by VST, essentially live competitor extraction readings on the big screen.

Let us know if you are coming to the event via our Facebook event page. Also, a glossy A1 version poster is available for purchase via here.

More information on the competition will filter through in the coming days, but until then, you’ll need to make sure you’ve booked your flight to Rimini and packed your swimming costume!

Coffee, Judges and MCs for the 2014 AACs



Thrilling news from the Australian Aeropress Championship think tank. We’ve managed to secure a brand spanking fresh crop Yirgacheffe roasted by the wonderkids at Small Batch to be used as the competition coffee. The coffee screams Ethiopia with an incredibly awkward jumble of letters and punctuation : Teklu Chele’lektu. The coffee will be publicly available via the Small Batch webshop and participating retailers.

The coffee will be shipped to interstate competitors today, and will any luck, will arrive tomorrow. Keep an eye out for the postie. For those of you residing in Melbourne the coffee will be available from Auction Rooms from 5pm today – it will not be sent to you.

Amazingly, there are still 3 places left for competitors who’ve not competed in the Victorian, NSW and Queensland regional competitions. You must be from one of the other states and territories to be eligible to sign up. Hurry here.

We’ve also secured the assistance of 3 hunks to adjudicate over the competitors. London coffee superstar and radio voice friendly spunk, Tim Styles of Workshop Coffee. All-round nice guy and probably the busiest man in coffee this past few weeks, Andrew Kelly of Small Batch. Finally, competition-mad whipper snapper, Matt Perger of St. Ali will triangulate the judging panel.

judges AACs

You may have read them before, but have you heard them before? On the wheels of steel we have the incomparable  SPRUDGE DJs and the gentleman of Melbourne coffee DJ Mark ‘Wet Process’ Free. As a collective they’ve just released a mixtape, aptly named HOT SPRUDGE and is available for your ears here.

We’ve got burgers from Huxtaburger, and lovely booze from Napoleone Brewers.

Eileen ‘Published’ Kenny will release the 2nd edition of her wildly informative and beautiful Birds of Unusual Vitality in print form. Birds Volume 2 features interviews with Sean Bonner, Tim Wendelboe, Ricardo Zelaya, Jose Aguilar, Erin McCarthy, and more, with foreword by Peter Giuliano. It’s the first foray into print media from the recently formed Sprudge Publishing.

The most exciting news surely is the announcement of the MCs. In the commentary box we’ve the expert appraisal of Melbourne’s coffee darling Jenni Bryant of Market Lane and to adding more charm to the cause we secured television’s Logie award winning Ryan Shelton. Both Ryan and Jenni are pictured below…


2014 Italian Aeropress Championships



Mamma Mia! An Italian Aeropress Championship… well, I’ve seen it all now.

Here are the details in Italiano :

Iscrizione per i partecipanti alla gara, non serve biglietto per accedere alla manifestazione gratuita.

Prenota il biglietto solo se vuoi partecipare alla gara come concorrente, i primi 5 iscritti ricevono una KeepCup in vetro !

Sulla nostra pagina Facebook tutte le istruzioni:

In breve:
all’evento troverai due tipi di acqua filtrata da Brita (due TDS diversi).
Due bollitori Bunn con temperatura controllata.
Il caffe’ sara’ fornito da noi, ma i partecipanti iscritti entro il 5 riceveranno un campione di 200g per allenarsi prima della gara.
Sono ammessi filtri di ogni genere non solo cartaceo e i concorrenti possono utilizzare la loro attrezzatura e la loro acqua se preferiscono.

Alcuni dei premi

1º classificato: Un macina caffe’ modello Zenith della Eureka // per il 2º un macina caffe’ Vario Mahlkönig // inoltre SUPERLOTTERIA con in palio PER TUTTI I PRESENTI E PARTECIPANTI un macina caffe’ Mignon della Eureka // per i primi tre classificati un gift set della Square Mile (V60 al primo, Tazza al secondo, T-shirt al terzo), una tazza e maglietta Kaffikaze , una KeepCup in vetro, un pannello 3d reallizzato da Spessore per il primo classificato, un disco in acciaio IMS filtri & TERRONE & CO. Coffee per aeropress (placcato ORO per il primo classificato) , gadget PULYCAFF  ! // Aerobie  I trofei piu’ belli del mondo per i primi tre classificati!! //


Useremo acqua filtrata da BRITA & caffe’ tostato da Simone Meriggi di Perfero Caffe’ // Campioni di mono origine di caffe’ filtro offerti da varie torrefazioni artigianali italiane!!


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