The wheels have begun to move again…

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A number of weeks have passed since the highly successful 2015 WACs in Seattle, and time has been spent reflecting on the 2015 World AeroPress Championship circuit. Our attention is now on the national competitions for the 2016 season.

There was such an incredible response from the 35 nations who hosted regional and national competitions across the globe. We had some new countries come on board; it was Mexico’s first go at running a competition and by all reports, they did a cracking job. New Zealand put together an incredibly professional event in a small coastal town with competitors flying/driving in from other major cities. Poland hosted an unbelievable 72 competitors and in Australia and the UK multiple regional competitions were held.

All the events delivered great returns for hosts, sponsors and supporters with many national organisers hosting their 2nd or 3rd competition. There is real value for them, and with increasing attention from mainstream and social media, the value of hosting and supporting in only increasing. The atmosphere of the competitions meant spectators had fun watching and cheering along, and the inclusive, accessible format of the competition meant competitors had fun and were rewarded with flights across the globe for getting involved.

For the 2016 season we are looking into a few rule changes, and there will be more on that in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, start thinking about hosting your own regional or national competition. There is now a fairly light vetting process to ensure the right people are hosting the competition and that the essence of the event is held in tact. Register your interest in hosting a competition via this page – and if there are any people/companies/philanthropists wishing to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact us at WAC headquarters.

2015 World AeroPress Championship thank you

WAC 2015_Event_1500

Well, there we have it. By far the most successful World Aeropress Championship to date. 35 nations competing head-to-head for the chance to take home the ‘bronze piston’. According to the clicker at the door we had over 400 people come to enjoy the jamboree of competition and disco music. The atmosphere was electric during the competition; the level of ability impressive. We’ve had amazing support from a truly generous bunch of individuals and companies. Without them, there is no way we’d have been able to put on such a spectacle for people.

CI_Logo_2015_2_color bonavita new logolm logobaratzaeverpure2intellisprudgeFirstly, CafeImports. So big-hearted, so wonderful to work with. They sourced us an incredible coffee from Costa Rica, roasted it and shipped it all over over the World to all 35 competitors. We also had the cupping talents of Noah Namowicz & Meister as part of the notable judging panel. So much love from them.

Boni-avita, at least that’s what they could be called. Marcus Boni of Bonavita lavishly gave the competitors the tools to perform on the night and kettles and scales to take home for the top 3 place getters. Another dream to work with.

Intelligentsia came to the party too making sure all the required elements for a great party were there : beer and awesome limited edition Aerobie flying rings. Stephen Morrissey himself was there to judges through some rounds and projected his own jolly vibes onto the room.

La Marzocco, a long time supporter of the WACs, once again came to reinforce the event with an amazing price pack for the winner and  lots of love from Italy.

Baratza, practically a member of the sponsorship family now, donated a Forte, Vario W and Preciso grinders for the winners. Year after year, they’ve been there for us.

Those guys at Sprudge, our official media partners, propping us up with extra coverage of the National AeroPress competitions and making sure the World Championships were in the limelight.

Those 2 beautiful ladies on top of the back bar, were a couple of Mahlkönig EK43s, so thanks to Gary at Mahlkönig for hand delivering them to the event.

We had some competition grade water from Everpure USA for the competitors, of which practically every last drop was used to ensure their coffee tasted and extracted beautifully.

And what goes without saying, the lovely people at Aerobie, incredibly supportive, incredibly generous and true lovers of the World AeroPress Championships. Stay tuned for more reports, recipes and more photos!

WAC 2015_Event_1930 WAC 2015_Event_1777 WAC 2015_Event_1439

Oh my! You could judge the WACs!


This amazingly ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style spinning wheel will give you the chance to judge a round at the 2015 World AeroPress Championships if you land on ‘Lucky You’. A randomly selected spectator will have a ‘Price is Right; Come on down!’ moment to join the MCs on stage to spin the wheel 3 times to select the 3 judges for each round. If you land on ‘Coffee Time’, you’ll get a very special swag of WAC goodies!

Spinning the wheel isn’t your only chance to pick up the official WAC merchandise, thankfully. Manning the Merch Desk will be David Salinas of Department of Brewology, who created the exhaustively laboured over and staggeringly awesome artwork of the WAC poster. We’ll be stocking just 75 A1-sized prints on 100lb speckletone white French paper, and it’s strictly first in, best dressed. Thirty-five dollars, please.


There are totes, t-shirts and the uber exclusive WAC comp coffee.  It’s an incredible coffee – an SL28 variety selection, grown and produced by Don Carlos of La Perla del Cafe in Costa Rica, and donated by our esteemed coffee partners, Cafe Imports. Don Carlos was the first to get  SL28 seeds into Costa Rica and gave them away selflessly to his fellow producers to help everyone improve their coffee quality. Roasted by the fine folk of Elm Coffee Roasters here in Seattle. It’s bloody yum.

And once again, the incredibly popular Aerobie Flying Discs will be flying about…


Make sure you bring cash for the sweet, sweet merch! And make sure you have a ticket, because without a ticket you’ll be forced to go to one of the other lesser fun parties…

Getting Excited? You Should Be…


As the competition draws ever nearer, things are really starting to happen here in Seattle. Team WAC flew into town on Monday and headed straight to Elm Coffee Roasters to get this year’s competition coffee into production. We’re stoked with how it’s cupping, and think competitors are going to love brewing with it.


And as if the venue for the event wasn’t awesome enough, due to huge demand and a forecast f fantastic weather, we’ve decided to open the Within Sodo roofdeck on Thursday night. If you haven’t registered for your free ticket yet there’s only a handful left, and you need one to get in!

And as if all that isn’t enough to get you excited, we have keg after keg after keg of delicious Fremont Brewing beer that’s going to flow all night long.

The 2015 World Aeropress Championship!

Date / Thursday 9th April from 6:00pm
LocationWithinSodo – 2916 Utah Ave South, Seattle (Google Maps)

Partners / Cafe Imports, Bonavita, Uppercup, Sprudge, La Marzocco
Supporters / Baratza, Everpure, Mahlkonig & Intelligentsia

Competitor Registration / Open to all official national Aeropress Champions via here.
Tickets / Entry is free, but tickets are required. Please register for your invitation here.

Coffee / La Perla Del Cafe – SL28, Finca Chispita, Fully Washed from CafeImports.

Don Carlos of La Perla Del Cafe was the first to get the SL28 seeds into Costa Rica and gave them away selflessly to his fellow producers to help everyone improve their coffee quality and be leaders in coffee innovation in the region. His work in quality is impeccable as he sees his coffee like wine. He truly only picks ripe cherries or “Sangre de Toro” (Bull’s Blood) as it is coined in Costa Rica and doesn’t let anyone in his drying patio with dirty shoes. This coffee has been specially selected, purchased and shipped around the World extremely generously by CafeImports exclusively for the WACs. Oh, by the way, only 2 bags were produced!

Food & Beer / Tokyo Dog & Fremont Brewing Co.

MCs / David Latourell, Tim Varney & Ben Kaminsky MCs2015

Judges / Eden-Marie Abramowicz, Erin Meister, Amanda Juris, Anne Lunell, Katie Carguilo & James Bailey, Noah Namowicz, Tim Wendelboe, Mike Phillips, Stephen Morrissey. judges2015girls judges2015boys

Forget about the competitors, I’m getting hot under the collar just thinking about the calibre of the judging panel — look at the dreamy smiles on every one of them (except Mike Phillips and Anne Lunell – who are simply looking moody and enigmatic). “10 judges!” – I hear you shout; well we have a little surprise for you on the new, improved and WACkier judging format. The MC’s I could take or leave, but they’ll add a little structure and charm to the evening.

So! For a night of unbridled AeroPressure, register for your free tickets and join us at WithinSodo, Seattle for what will undoubtedly be the greatest World AeroPress Championship to date.

Keep an eye on the official WAC social media outlets from all the updates, images and frothy gossip!

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / SPRUDGE

2015 US AeroPress Championship – results


The 2015 United States AeroPress Championship hosted by Underline Coffee at 511 W 20th Street in New York, NY on Sunday March 29th at 6:00PM. Coffee professionals and enthusiasts battled it out to determine the best U. S. AeroPresser. Sweet USAC teaser poster by the SPRUDGE massive.

Aerobie will fly the winner to Seattle, WA to represent the US in the 2015 World AeroPress Championship held at WithinSodo on Thursday April 9th at 6:00PM.

The Sponsors, Counter Culture Coffee, Aerobie, Baratza , Bona Vita , Monarch Methods , City Cakes , Hario , and host Underline Coffee all worked to pull the event off.

Brandon Tully of Underline Coffee Emceed.

The judges: Cora Lambert (Box Kite), Deaton Pigot (Toby’s Estate Brooklyn), Erin McCarthy (Counter Culture Coffee) and Teresa von Fuchs (Irving Farm) all worked tirelessly (if a little overly caffeinated) through the night to determine the winners.

And the winners and their recipes are:

USA results

2015 Austrian AeroPress Championship – results


Sunday March 15th Austria arranged the 2nd National AeroPress Championship, this time in Vienna, in the awesome Ottakringer Brewery, known by most people from the great WBC 2012 Barista After Party. Arranged by Nikolaus Hartmann (Süssmund Roaster in Vienna), Klaus Triffich (poster designer and 2014 austrian Cuptasting Champion from Salzburg), Michael Manhart (trophy designer from Salzburg) and John Arild Stubberud (Kaffee-Alchemie in Salzburg).

The event was sponsored by:

24 competitors signed up within hours and Johanna Wechselberger from Vienna School of Coffee / Die Rösterin sponsored a splendid Cup of Excellence Costa Rica coffee for the competition, and this was distributed to the competitors.



Ottakringer Brewery opened up their very nice ‘Goldfassl’ room for us, and next to the busy bar serving beer, booths served espresso drinks and a full brew bar. Felix Teiretzbacher from Felix Kaffee in St. Pölten is Austrias Coffee Scene’s Emcee, and he said ‘yes’ to moderate the event.

Judges were

  • Björn Dietrich from Hamburg
  • Storm C Lunde from Oslo
  • Johanna Wechselberger from Vienna
  • John Arild Stubberud as Head Judge

Beer and coffee was enjoyed (the Kaffee-Alchemie girls Victoria and Bianca prepared Irish Coffees), and everyone seemed to have a ball.

AeroPressAustria2015-15 AeroPressAustria2015-16

19 year old Chantal Schlacher from Viennas ‘Kaffemik’ coffeeshop took home the trophy and is heading to Seattle to compete April 9th.

Her Winning Recipe:

  • Two AeroPress on top of each other (funnel inbetween), the upper with metal filter, the lower with paper filter
  • 20 grams coffee, coarse grind
  • 250 ml Water 89°C
  • 30 seconds pour
  • 30 seconds brew
  • 30 seconds plunge brew through metal filter
  • remove top AeroPress
  • 30 seconds press through paper filter

2nd Place Winner Philip Feyers recipe:

  • Inverted Method
  • 18,5 grams coffee
  • 240 grams Water, 86°C
  • Pour 50 grams, let bloom 30 seconds
  • Stir gently three times
  • Pour remaining 190 grams of Water until 1 minute
  • Turn around (invert) and plunge slowly for 45 seconds
  • Pour back and forth between two flasks four times to cool down


2015 Hungarian AeroPress Championship – results

The Hungarian AeroPress championship was a huge success with 35 competitors from all over the country. Congratulations to Szabolcs Schubert, who will represent Hungary at the World AeroPress Championship in Seattle on 9th April 2015.

The competition coffe was:  Kenya Kegwa AA Plus from Ngiriambu region roasted by Lucky Cap.
Congratulations to the winners:
1st place:  Szabolcs Schubert (Madal Cafe, Budapest)
2nd place: Gergő Horvath (Madal Cafe, Budapest)
3rd place:  Levente Onczay


Judges: Sandor Toth / Adam Torok / Gergely Boross

Szabolcs Schubert’s winning recipe:

– 16,5g coffee
– Grind: Guatemala 5 – 5,5 setting
– 85c water
– water: Norda
– standard method
– 40g water, 25 seconds blooming, stir 10 times
– 190g water pouring until 1:10 while making sure that it circulates within the AeroPress as much as possible
– Stir again between 1:10 and 1:25
– Press slowly with minimum pressure until 2:40

Reflexshop Kft. –
Lucky Cap Micro Roastery –
Brewing People –
KávéBár Bazár –
Able Brewing –
Aerobie –
Keep Cup –
My little Brew Bar –
AeroPress Hungary –
Official site of the championship:

2015 Mexican Aeropress Championship – results


The first Mexican Aeropress Championship took place on Saturday 28th, from 9am to 6pm – a full day of festivities. The coffee used was a washed coffee from Yucuiti, Oaxaca. The variety was 100% Typica from the producer Joel Vázquez López.

1st place   Ximena Rubio
2nd place  Shak Zapata
3rd place  Diego Marroquin

The most interesting thing to note is that Mexico is investing in their barista future by adding a parallel event for kids! There were some very enthusiastic minors interested, the underage event, with 6 kids competing aged from between 14 to 16 years old, managed to display some great skills with excellent results in the cups.

More photos can be seen at the Campeonato Mexicano de Aeropress Facebook page.

2015 Australian Aeropress Championship – results



Well, this completes the Australian Aeropress Championship circuit for 2015. After 3 hotly contested state competitions in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland the generous folks a Mecca decided they’d have a go at hosting the nationals – and they didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere was electric and somewhat surreal with obscure mannequins and props used to further increase the wackiness of the Aeropress Championships.

Mecca’s new roastery and cafe was an ideal location for the AACs – a sunken “brewodrome” was the perfect setup for spectators to gawk at all the varied methods of Aeropress brewing. Sam Sgambellone had the epic task of putting together the intricate spider web of rounds ensuring advantages we allotted to those who came 1st or placed in their national competitions. Super computers in Palo Alto were required to calculate the rounds fairly.

Judging was considered and accurate. Paul Geshos of Mecca, Wendy de Jong of Single Origin and former Australian Aeropress Champion, Dylan Johnson of Paramount Coffee Project were the chosen 3. Head Judge, Tim Varney, was only required to step in for a single round – thankfully early, before the beer had muddled his tastebuds.

Eventually, a winner was established. Ben Richardson of Pablo and Rusty’s took out 1st place, with 2 votes against 1. Interestingly, in the State Winner round, Mac Dixon came out on top advancing him straight into the Grand Final – he was unable to duplicate his success in the final. Joseph Liu, a home barista and seasoned Aeropress Championship competitor, placed 2nd – proving his superior grasp of Aeropress brewing.

Next year promises to be an even bigger year for the Australian circuit, as whispers of more state competitions have been heard. For now, we congratulate Ben Richardson and wish him all the very bloody best in Seattle for the 2015 World Aeropress Championships.

2015 AACs