2014 Australian Aeropress Championships


It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2014 Australian Aeropress Championships.

The competition will take place on Friday 16th May at FILTER from 7pm. It’s during MICE, so all sorts of coffee celebrities will be in town.

This year will feature the top 18 Australian Aeropressers, made up of the top 5 from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, who have all run regional competitions. The NSW and Queensland competitions are happening this weekend – get involved! They’re all legit and game ready. Three spots will open for future Aeropress champions from the other Australian states and territories – entrance for these spots will open up on Monday 5th May. Keep your eye on twitter for announcements…

Coffee for competitors, details on sign up, judges and MC announcements will be coming soon… Most importantly, the winner will be flown to Rimini to compete in the World Aeropress Championships in June.

Small Batch’s new venture FILTER will be hosting the event with booze support from Napoleone and burger support from Huxtaburger. Everyday Coffee’s multi-talented DJ Mark W. Free will be on the decks, as will the sparkly workhorse wonders of SPRUDGE, who’ll offer the freshest most dazzling grooves from the USA. It’ll be your chance to get a little

The other exciting nugget of information, is that Eileen P. Kenny in conjunction with the newly formed Sprudge Publishing will be launching the 2nd volume of her lovely inquisitive and insightful Birds of Unusual Vitality book. Copies will available on the night, and if you charm and flirt with her in just the right way, she might even sign a copy for you too. More on Sprudge Publishing soon…

This year’s killer poster was imagined and produced by another multi talent from Everyday; Aaron Maxwell.


2014 United Kingdom Aeropress Championships


What about us? I hear you screaming from the UK, well here it is…

Three of London’s finest have joined forces; Workshop Coffee, Square Mile and Coffee Hit will collaborate to host the UK Aeropress Championships on 24th May at 3pm at Workshop’s latest offering in their Holborn Coffeebar.

From Workshop’s Tim Williams :

Bigger and badder than last year’s competition, the 2014 event will be open to 36 competitors, vying for the chance to represent the United Kingdom at the World Aeropress Championships being held in Rimini, Italy during the World of Coffee event in June.

This year’s event will see the introduction of a competition coffee that all competitors must use for their brews. Half will be roasted by Workshop Coffee Co. in Clerkenwell, the other half will be roasted by Square Mile in Bethnal Green and the roasters will meet somewhere in the middle to blend the roasts together. Maybe on the Old Street roundabout, we’re not sure yet.

At the judging table will be Workshop Coffee Co. Head of Quality, James Bailey, Square Mile Coffee Roasters Managing Director, James Hoffmannn and, special guest judge all the way from Copenhagen’s venerable The Coffee Collective, Klaus Thomsen. Sweet funk tunes all evening long from DJ Wet Process, and compere duties from the incomparable, Ross Brownsofbrockley will ensure it’s an unmissable event.

The first place winner will receive return flights to Italy to represent the UK in the World Aeropress Championships, with accommodation and a little spending money for Aperol spritzes and Caprese salads by the beach. Second place will receive a twelve month coffee subscription from both Workshop Coffee Co. and Square Mile, while third place will take a six month coffee subscription from both the roasters. All three place winners will also receive prizes from CoffeeHit and trophies from Aerobie.

Tickets for competitors cost £10 with the entire amount being donated to CoffeeKids. Tickets will go on sale May 1st through the CoffeeHit website. Competitors will be furnished with more detailed rules, practice coffee and a competition schedule closer to the event date.

Key an eye on Twitter & the Workshop journal for updates.

Rimini, Italy : 2014 World Aeropress Championships

Untitled As you’ve probably noticed there have been an incredible number of national Aeropress competitions for the 2013/2014 Aeropress competition circuit. At this stage we have 24 countries getting ready to compete in the World Aeropress Championships; countries include : Australia, Belgium, China, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and most recently the United States. Details of the 2014 World Aeropress Championships are slowly coming together. For the time being here are some of the more important details :

Date : Monday 9th June, 2014 from 6pm

Where : Turquoise Beach Club

Co-Hosts : La Marzocco, SPRUDGE, Marco, VST and Aerobie – more to come…

Judges, coffee partner, prizes, MCs and entertainment to be confirmed

For those of you who have won a national competition, it is important you make contact with WAC Headquarters. Details required for entrance are as follows :

Name & Employer 

Contact details : Email, Phone number, Address for shipment of practise coffee

Your national competition winning recipe in writing

Photo of yourself


2014 NSW Aeropress Championships


The hunt for NSW’s greatest Aeropresser* to represent NSW at the impending Australian Aeropress Championships to be held in Melbourne in mid May.

The competition will be held at Mecca Utimo on Saturday 3rd May from 5pm.

For a fuller description you can check out the rules here and sign up to compete here.

Entry will be $30. The winner will gain automatic qualification for the Australian Aeropress Championships on Friday 16th of May and receive $500 to go towards their cost of getting there.

If your not up for competing but wanna see what its all about be sure to come along. If the excitement of Aeropress brewing isnt enough, our friends at Young Henry’s have kindly given us a keg so we can shout some beers to those that come down to watch.

Any questions please email info@nswaeropress.com

2014 French Aeropress Championships

FAC3-page-001 (1)

Bonjour, very bonjour! It’s only the 1st ever French Aeropress Championships! Here’s all the info, in French of course…

Le temps est venu pour la France d’élire son tout premier champion d’Aeropress. Et de prendre une bière entre baristas et amateurs de café après le service.

Entrée libre

Inscriptions : championnat.aeropress@gmail.com

Plus de détails sur le café de la compétition et les juges prochainement.

Règlement :

– Seul le goût compte
– 3 compétiteurs par round
– 3 juges évalueront le café à l’aveugle
– 8 minutes de temps de compétition, incluant préparation et réalisation (tout dépassement entraînera la disqualification)
– Le volume requis de 200mL sera servi aux juges dans le récipient fourni
– Le compétiteur qui aura reçu le plus de votes avancera au round suivant

Café de la compétition
– Torréfié par Caffè Cataldi
– Un paquet du café de la compétition sera fourni à tous les compétiteurs avant l’événement à des fins d’entraînement
– La nature exacte du café sera dévoilée ultérieurement ainsi que les précisions pour se le procurer

– Seront mis à disposition : eau (volvic), bouilloires, moulin EK43 (les compétiteurs pourront apporter les leurs s’ils le souhaitent)
– Les compétiteurs sont priés d’apporter leur propre Aeropress, ainsi que tout autre accessoire de leur choix (filtres, balance, minuteur, etc.)
– Toute modification apportée à un Aeropress devra être approuvée par le juge principal

– Nombre de compétiteurs : 12
– Une liste d’attente sera mise en place en cas de surplus
– Il y aura 4 rounds préliminaires de 3 compétiteurs chacun
– Le vainqueur de chaque round ira en demi-finale
– Il y aura 2 demi-finales de 2 compétiteurs chacune
– Les deux vainqueurs se retrouveront en finale
– Après chaque round, les compétiteurs devront débarrasser et libérer leur poste pour les suivants

Règles officielles: http://worldaeropresschampionship.com/rules/

2014 Scottish Aeropress Championships


And now we’ve the Scottish Aeropress Championships. And once again, another fantastic poster from the Kaffikaze team in Norway. The event is just around the corner, so get signing up. More information can be found here.

From SAC Headquarters : There are less than two weeks to go until the first ever Scottish Aeropress Championship, next stop is a referendum, independence and our very own Barista Champion!

2014 Polish Aeropress Championships

pac 2014


And, another one. That’s 20 national competitions and counting… this time Poland will host another national competition and word on the street is that there’ll be some ‘coffee celebrity’ judges to boot! More info here.

Sign up has started via mail polishaeropress@gmail.com

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