2013 WAC Competitors


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2013 WAC Recipes


Jeff Verellen’s winning recipe :

17 grams coffee ground 5.75 on the uber grinder, little courser than paper filter.

Rinsed normal filter, aeropress in regular position.

50 grams of water at 83c for the bloom.
Bloom for 40s. Nicely wet all grounds and lightly agitate holding the aeropress and shaking it abit around.

Very slowly add 215 grams of water at 79c for about 30 sec

Press very gently for about 30 seconds.

Leave about 50 gram slurry in the press and discard.

Put the rest of the brew in the gob.

Extra tips for supreme brew:

Picking beans, lights out, heavies in. Too big and weird, also out.

Use a cocktail pitcher to grind in and charge up static electricity so light particles stick to the walls, try to discard them.


Wille Yli-Luoma’s 2nd place recipe :

17 grams of coffee
240 water right of boil
2 min steep with 3 stirs.


Tibor Varaday’s 3rd place recipe :

Place 12g quite coarsely ground coffee into aeropress (set grind to taste),
pre-infuse with about 50g gramms of 90 degrees celsius water,
stir vigorously, 5 times,
add remaining water to a total of 200 gramms,
place cap on without stirring,
press out air while still in inverted position, until drops appear on top,
turn aeropress into a non-inverted position onto a pitcher, but do not press yet.
After two minutes of brew time have past, press gently using body weight, as the Aeropress allows.

World Aeropress Champions 2013

WAC Champs

Thanks to everyone for an amazing night at the WACs, thanks to everyone who came and supported and thanks especially to 5Senses for hosting and the incredible generosity of all the sponsors. Music and dance-offs were provided by the boyz of SPRUDGE.

Thanks also to the judges, Tim Wendelboe,  Casper Engel Rasmussen and the multi-talented Ben Kaminsky who was also MCing.

A massive congratulations to our top 3 competitors in the now two-time World Aeropress Champion, Jeff Verellen from Caffenation in Antwerp, Belgium, the 2nd place getter all the way from Finland, via Portend Oregon, the wonderful Wille Yli-Luoma and taking 3rd place was the charming Tibor Varady from Espresso Embassy, Budapest.

Jeff will be flown all the way to Oslo to attend the epic Nordic Barista Cup in September and will be paying a tonne of money for excess luggage due to the giant smorgasbord of prizes from Baratza, Handsome Coffee Roasters, Market Lane Coffee, Able Brewing, OTTO and Aerobie.

All the snaps from the night were composed by the skilled Abigail Varney.

All their recipes will be published soon… so stay tuned!


2013 World Aeropress Championships

WAC poster_web

And so, without further ado, here at WAC headquarters we’d like to announce some details surrounding the most anticipated Aeropress related competition in the World.

The 2013 competition will be held in Melbourne on Friday 24th May from 7pm until midnight at The Australian Barista Academy –  300 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne.

Competitors will be feeling the vibe from the Nordic Approach, and their unshakable coffee from the epic Gitchathaini from the Gikanda Cooperative in Nyeri, Kenya will be the coffee for the competitors. This is as f-f-fresh as it gets.

Expect a Super Bowl amount of ridiculousness, with the commentary box filled with expert opinion, interviews and live commentary from the SPRUDGE pundits.

The judging panel will consist of the seasoned authority on Aeropressness from his excellence, Tim Wendelboe. The local aficionado, Fleur Studd of Market Lane will preside and finally the American who is almost now Australian, the cup tasting maestro, Senõr Ben Kaminsky.


For the viewing public, there’ll be burgers from Huxtaburger and fitting Aussie beer and wine.

The WACs will share the limelight with the equally electrifying Five Senses Ping Pong Tournament. You’ll be able to sign up (representing a coffee roaster or cafe, both singles and doubles tournaments) on the night. Huge cash prizes and ping pong glory!

Competitors need announce their willingness to compete via email. Priority will be given to the winners of national competitions. Rules will be updated in the coming days and details on getting your hands on the competition coffee will be posted soon too.

You can find the venue, The Australian Barista Academy, 300 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne via Google Maps. The closet train station is North Melbourne, alternatively you can walk from Southern Cross Station. Tram options are 24, 30, 35, 75, 86, 95.

2013 VACs & NSWACs


Due to popular demand and general mega love for Aeropress competition, the AACs have been split into the VACs and the NSWACs. Competitors from other states are of course welcome to enter either of the 2 competitions.

Firstly, the VACs :

Monday 20th May from 5pm at Market Lane : Prahran Market

“We’re very excited to be hosting this brewing competition in the lead-up to this year’s World Coffee Event. All coffee lovers are invited to come along – whether you’re a barista or a cafe customer, whether you want to step up and compete, or hang out and watch the aficionados do their thing.

If you’re a spectator: there will be lots of lovely coffee people to chat with, and food and beer available for a gold coin donation.

If you’re an Aeropresser: there are 18 competitor spots available. Entry is free on a first come, first served basis – with a maximum of two competitors per organisation. To enter, please email VAC@marketlane.com.au and we’ll get back to you with details of the judges and the coffees to be used.

And if you’ve never heard of an Aeropress before: check out this handy video!

The top two competitors will go through to the Australian Aeropress Competition. Exciting!

See you there/then! Okay? Okay.”


Secondly, the NSWACs :

Saturday 18th May from 4pm at Mecca Espresso Ultimo

“We are on the hunt for NSW’s greatest Aeropresser* to represent us at the impending World Aeropress Championships to be held in Melbourne at the end of May.

This is as straight forward as competitions come, brew an aeropress, put it up against a competitor (or 2 depending on # of entries) and a panel of judges will decide “blindly” which brew was best. If it was yours, you progress.

Entry will be $20 with the winner taking all the proceeds. The winner and runner-up will also gain automatic qualification for the World Aeropress Championships on the 24th of May.

So if you would like to enter please fill out this form:

Also you can email aeropress@meccaespresso.com.au with any questions.”

2013 Japan Aeropress Championships


So, here it is. The Japanese Aeropress Championships…

Time: May 17th 2013, 12.00 o’clock
平成25年5月17日金曜日 12時開始
Venue: Fuglen Tokyo 1-16-11 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku
フグレン トウキョウ 渋谷区富ヶ谷1-16-11

More information here. Please note the time change.

2013 Irish Aeropress Championships

Irish Aeropress Championship 2013 Poster copy

This years Irish Aeropress Championship is just around the corner and thanks to our kind sponsors the winner will be flown to Melbourne to represent Ireland at the World Aeropress Championships in May.  Details below:

Maximum of 18 competitors.

Entry fee is €20 payable in advance (send cheques made payable to: Lorcan Fagan, 40 Belmont Lawn, Galloping Green, Stillorgan, Co Dublin).  First come first served!  Your entry will be confirmed via twitter.

All entrants will receive a t-shirt (beautifully designed by blu-boy clothing) and there will be food and beer served on the night.  We will also have some Tim Wendleboe on bar.

The kind people at Baratza have sponsored the runner up prize of a Baratza grinder!

Once again thank you to our sponsors who have made this event possible:

Aerobie, Dairyland, Marco, 3fe, Bailies Handroasted Coffee, Baratza and a special thank you to Roasted Brown for hosting the evening.

Get pressing and see you on April 11.

Spectators are more than welcome.

(Winner must be available to fly to Melbourne, the last week of May 2013!!!!!)

More information here.


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