2014 Polish Aeropress Championships

pac 2014


And, another one. That’s 20 national competitions and counting… this time Poland will host another national competition and word on the street is that there’ll be some ‘coffee celebrity’ judges to boot! More info here.

Sign up has started via mail polishaeropress@gmail.com

2014 United States Aeropress Competition

USAC 2014 poster

Look out America! It’s your turn now.

The United States Aeropress Championship is upon you… Hosted by Stumptown and Aerobie on the 25th April in Seattle.

Keep an eye on Twitter for details.

2014 Victorian Aeropress Championships


The Australian Aeropress Championship looks to be one of the toughest to gain entry to with 3 regional competitions taking place. The Victorian Aeropress Championship will take place on Thursday April 17th at St. Ali North and will ensure the top 4 competitors a place in the Australian Championships.

Further details for the competition will come Monday, as well as how to sign up. There will be a limit of 18 places, so you’ll need to be on your toes, the places will fill fast. Sign up can be done here.

The New South Wales Aeropress Championship details will be available soon, and the Queensland Aeropress Championships are being hosted by Cup Espresso at Strauss Food & Drink on the 3rd May and details can be found here.

2014 Irish Aeropress Championships


And now, Ireland! On the Fumbally Thursday 8th May.

Get on Twitter and enter to compete : @irishaeropress

2014 Japanese Aeropress Championships



Wait! Another national competition has emerged! The 2014 Japanese Aeropress Competition to be held in the beautiful historical city of Kamakura-City at Cafe Vivement Dimanche on the 23rd April, 2014.

More information can be found here.

2014 Singapore Aeropress Championships



And now the Singapore Aeropress Championships! By Invite Only! Sounds exclusive!

Do you own or work in a cafe in Singapore? Or just like to hang out with baristas and revel in their coffee nerdery? Send Common Man Coffee Roasters an email and reserve a spot to attend, or even compete in Singapore’s first Aeropress Championship. There are limited tickets to give away, and even a few places left for competitors.

Friday 11th April from 7pm at Common Man Coffee Roasters.

Get in touch with the folks at Common Man Coffee Roasters via :
info@cmcroasters.com and tell them why you just gotta be there..


2014 Dutch Aeropress Championships



Yes, that’s right another national Aeropress competition. This time; the Netherlands!

Here is the info for those of you with Dutch proficiency :

We zijn supertrots dat we vandaag de Dutch Aeropress Championship2014 mogen aankondigen. We zijn sinds de Aeropress in Nederland te vinden is (toen we hem nog moesten importeren) fan van deze veelzijdige en simpele zetmethode. Zo veelzijdig dat dit jaar in tientallen landen nationale competities zijn en in 2008 het eerste wereldkampioenschap werd georganiseerd in Oslo.

Het nationale kampioenschap wordt een week na het Amsterdam Coffee Festival georganiseerd in onze nieuwe winkel op Oosterdokskade in Amsterdam op 9 mei 2014, om 17.00 uur. Iedereen die de Nederlandse nationaliteit heeft of werkzaam is in Nederland mag meedoen. We hebben 18 deelnemersplekken, waarvan maximaal 2 per organisatie en inschrijving geldt voor wie het zich het eerst heeft aangemeld. De link voor aanmelding wordt aanstaande maandag 7 april om 10.00 uur hier gepubliceerd.


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