2015 United States AeroPress Championship

After much back-and-forth, to-and-fro, the homeland tournament of the AeroPress itself is finally confirmed!


The 2015 United States AeroPress Championship is the hunt for the US Champion to represent both stars and spangles at the World AeroPress Championships in Seattle on April 9th 2015. Shrouded in glory, praised in hushed whispers — will you be the one?

The competition is taking place on March 29th at 6:00pm, at Underline Coffee, 511 W 20th Street, New York (that’s underneath the High Line, ya dingus). Competitor registration is on the Underline website, and once entered, you will be sent a confirmation email and soon thereafter, competition rules.

With coffee, beer, toast, cakes, music and a special guest coffee celebrity judging panel of Cora Lambert, Deaton ‘Notorious PIG’ Pigot, Erin McCarthy and Theresa von Fuchs, this United States AeroPress Championship is the place to be.

2015 Austrian Aeropress Championship

Adobe Photoshop PDF
The 2nd Austrian AeroPress Championships (no kangaroos) will be arranged Sunday March 15th in Vienna!
The venue will be the Ottakringer Brauerei (famous for the 2012 WBC Barista After Party).
There will be public cuppings and lots of coffee tastings for the crowds:
SCAE Austria has a booth with an espresso machine and amazing baristi
So far 24 nerds have signed up for the Competitions.
Judges come from Hamburg, Oslo, Vienna and Salzburg.
Bestbrew, the provider for AeroPress in this part of Europe has sponsored the ticket for the winner to Seattle in April.
We’ll have barrelloads of beer for a nice price, Irish Coffees from the baristi who are pissed there was no Coffee In Good Spirits in Austria this year and a DJ playing Mozart.

Things kick off  at 12:00, at “Goldfassl Magazin”, ottakringer platz 1

All this and more possible because these awesome sponsors like us (a lot):
Süssmund Rösterei’, Bestbrew, BWT, ‘Die Rösterin’, ‘Kaffee-Alchemie’, Ottakringer Brauerei’, ‘La Cultura de Caffé’, ‘Felix kaffee’ and Independent Cupping Vienna!
(Thanks to Klaus Triffich for an awesome poster!)

2015 British Columbia Aeropress Championship


Date: March 28th
Location: Elysian Coffee 7th Avenue (2301 Ontario St.)
Time: 4pm doors (Free Entry)
Registration: Contact bcaeropress2015@gmail.com for automatic competition details and competitor registration.
1) George Giannakos, Revolver Coffee
2) Aaron Braun, Swiss Water Decaf
3) TBA
Head Judge: Chris Rodgers, Elysian Coffee
The competition coffee from Elysian Coffee Roasters will be announced soon..
Competitors will get sent one 12oz bag of coffee a week before the competition, for brew development. Competitors will also have access to a Bonavita Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettle, as well as a Mahlkonig EK 43.
Organisers: Elysian Coffee, Notch Coffee, Chef Annabelle Choi
Sponsors: Elysian Coffee, Notch Coffee, Revolver Coffee, Campagnolo Upstairs, Strike Movement, Meat & Bread, Union
Wood Co. Brassneck Brewery, Chef Annabelle Choi, Culver City Salads, The Pie Shoppe, Walrus Design Inc.
Social@bcaeropress2015Facebook, #BCAC2015

2015 Polish Aeropress Championship results

Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015

72 competitors people. 72 competitors!

72 competitors in 5 hours, faster than any other anything with 72 people involved. Next year there will be some regionals, thankfully!
Congratulations to the top 3:
1. Justyna Urbańska (Cafe Sztuczki, Wroclaw)
2. Filip Ślęczek (Cocofli, Wroclaw)
3. Marcin Ratyński (Warsaw)
Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015 Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015 Mistrzostwa Polski Aeropress 2015
The competition took place at Comedy Club in Warsaw, place where we as a Forum have our Pop Up Coffee Shop. Competition coffee was Sehe from Burundi supplied by Koppi.
Justyna has won:
– the Aeropress Trophy or “bronze piston” signed by Mr. Adler
– flight and accommodation to Seattle (sponsored by Freehand Coffee Roasters)
– trip to Nouva Simonelli factory (sponsored by Bean Brothers)
– signed copy of James Hoffmann’s World Atlas of Coffee
– products form Aerobie, Hario, KeppCup, VST (supplied by Coffee Desk and Bean Brothers)
More images here.
PACs results

2015 World Aeropress Championship – April 9th.

Do you remember that time on the beach in Rimini? The sun… The sun was so sweet. And as we drank vaguely warm lager, wiped down our Aeropress and looked at each other, we knew without even saying it; ‘Baby, life will never get any better than this…’. God, we were so wrong.

Mark your calendar, girl. Set your alarm, book your flight and tell the babysitter to settle in for a long evening; on Thursday April 9th, 2015 we’ll be at WithinSodo in Seattle, Washington for the 2015 World Aeropress Championship.


We have over 3,000 square feet of post-industrial splendour in which to see competitors from thirty-two nations vying for the only title that really matters, master of the plunge, 2015 World Aeropress Champion.


Libations will be gratis (that means free beer, and is how we speak in England) courtesy of local craft brewers who are still to be confirmed, and some of Seattle’s finest street food purveyors will be parked up out front to keep everyone fed and fuelled until late (but non-gratis, so bring cash).

As WithinSodo is a licensed wedding venue, and has copious experience in performing nuptials, any couples wanting to finally realise their dream of a group wedding held in conjunction with the World Aeropress Championship final — and frankly, who doesn’t? — should get in touch about the very attractively priced spectacle that we can make of your special day.


With a proper backstage preparation area for competitors (just like a real competition!), live action beamed onto the big screen, the incomparably sweet beats of DJ Taste of Bitter Love coming all the way from London, and more, more, more, WithinSodo will WithoutDoubt be the best World Aeropress Championship venue yet.

Don’t miss it.

2015 World Aeropress Championship
7:00pm Thursday April 9th, 2015
2916 Utah Avenue Sth,
Seattle, WA 98134

Located just minutes from I-90, I-5, HWY 99, and the West Seattle bridge, WithinSodo is located in a blossoming industrial area less than a mile away from Century Link and Safeco fields, and just a few minutes in a taxi from Downtown Seattle.

2015 Korean Aeropress Championship results

KAC2015 (1)

2015 Korea Aeropress Championship has completed successfully Feb. 7th -8th at Coffee Libre + Maybell bakery in Seoul. Here are some words from our man on the ground there, Jungho Bang:

“Resuming the KAC competition that discontinued for two years since 2012 has a great meaning. For this competition many businesses, over forty, joined as sponsors and various events helped the completion of this competition.

For two days 45 competitors took part in KAC competition and performed diverse abstraction progresses. The top 3 Aeropress recipes from the 2015 Korean Aeropress Championship.

KAC2015 Players KAC2015 (4) KAC2015 (11) KAC2015 Winner(1)

The host company DesignCoffee designed and produced official post of KAC and showed various design products. For two days 45 competitors took part in KAC competition and performed diverse abstraction progresses. All related photos and data are available on official homepage of KAC.


We can’t wait for our swag of official KAC to arrive in the mail! Thanks & congratulations Jungho! How good is the t-shirt detail!?

KAC2015-Design Product

KACs2015 results

2015 Irish Aeropress Championship

Oh boy! Just to keep you guessing, how about a last minute change of venue for the Irish competition? No longer will competitors throw down at Joe’s Coffee, Montague Street, they’ll face off instead at Hatch & Sons, 15 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2. 


Oh my word, they’re coming in thick and fast now.

Not content to co-host just one Aeropress Championship per season, this year sees Workshop Coffee Co. teaming up with Joe’s Coffee, Dublin and TKC Sales to co-host the 2015 Irish Aeropress Championship.

On March 14th at 6:00pm, twenty eager competitors will vie for the title of 2015 Irish Aeropress Champion and the opportunity to represent Ireland at the World Aeropress Championship in Seattle come April. Alongside the obvious glory, the winner will be provided with return flights and accommodation for the event (so be sure you’re able to travel to the USA at short notice!).

Tickets for entering as a competitor are available at www.workshopcoffee.com/IAC2015 for £10 each and purchases are limited to one per person*. Spectator entry is free and in addition to the excitement of the event there’ll be hot snacks and cold beer for all.

Competitors will compete using coffee from Workshop Coffee Co., and will be sent a 250g bag of the actual coffee to practice with ahead of the event. A fresh roast of the same coffee will be available on the day.

Your judges for 2015 — James Bailey (Workshop Coffee Co. – Head of Quality), Mate Szekeres (Joe’s Coffee – Head Barista) and Monika Palova (3FE – Coffee Roaster) –will be blind selecting the most delicious brew placed in front of them each round; not the most technically-proficient or perfect, just the one they’d want to drink.

For further information or questions, contact Stuart Ritson at stuart.ritson@workshopcoffee.com

– – – –
2015 Irish Aeropress Championship
6:00pm, Saturday March 14th
Hatch & Sons
15 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2


* While competitor places are on a ‘first in, best dressed’ basis, we reserve the right to revoke entries if a particular company is over-represented. Participation, not domination.

2015 Northern Ireland Aeropress Championship

Just when we had the deckchairs arranged precisely as we wanted them, in swoops the good folk of Established Coffee with a late entrant to the Championship circuit, and a stellar poster to boot.


I was lucky enough to work with these guys on an event some months ago, and they really know how to put on a great night. While competitor tickets are nearly sold out already, make sure you go along for good times and great beer.

The AeroPress Championship is a competition open to anyone who can brew a great cup of coffee using the AeroPress. It is open to anyone and everyone, all you need is to secure your place online, turn up on time with your AeroPress & brew! You could be 3 coffees away from winning a trip to Seattle, to represent Northern Ireland at the World AeroPress Championships. Full details below, any questions, tweet us @NIAeropressComp.

It’s shaping up to be a great night. It’s free entry for spectators, there will be beer from Prohibition, pizza, as well as Sherryvallies DJ’s & we’ll be sure to squeeze some coffee in there somewhere! Heckling & fan clubs are 100% encouraged.

Date: Thursday 19th March 2015

Time: 7pm [Competitors: 6pm]

Venue: Established Coffee, Belfast

Entry Fee: £20 [Free For Spectators]

Prizes: 1st Place will win £1000 for flights & accommodation to represent NI at the World AeroPress Championships in Seattle in April 2015. Prizes TBA for 2nd & 3rd Place

Rules: We will be following the WAC Rules found here.

Judges: To Be Announced

Coffee Sponsor: Bailies Coffee. They will be selecting a coffee, which all competitors must use. 1 x 250g bag of coffee will be supplied to each competitor ahead of the event for practise. Each competitor will then be given 250g on arrival. The coffee will be roasted on Monday 16th March.

Other Sponsors: TKC, Marco, Ground Espresso, Coffee NI, Prohibition.

2015 China Aeropress Championship results

The first three

Without question, one of the most professionally run Aeropress championships was imagined by China. The event was held in the lobby of a department store with massive screens with live round updates and a seemingly impressive crowd of onlookers. Kevin from Green Coast Coffee was responsible for the epic event, an we thank him and everyone that supported the event – Kevin, if you need a judge from WAC headquarters, we’d love to judge the 2016 CACs!

Here are the top 3 methods from the 2015 China Aeropress Championships :

WAC results China