2015 Czech Aeropress Championship results


This year’s Czech Aeropress competition was held in Café Louvre.one of the oldest Café in Prague.
Competition welcomed 47 participants from the Czech Republic and also from Slovakia.
Each Competitor has preparation time to adjust his recipe before each round, because we were using different coffee for each round. For first round it was dark roasted Peruvian coffee from Italian roastery Le Piantagioni del Caffe. For second round it was Colombia Cafesur #4 roasted by Kavárna Pražírna. And for last round and final it was Burundi Kayanza Matongo Kyniovu from roastery La Boheme Cafe.

Competitors who found the best recipes for all of these coffees were Jiri Sládek from Prague’s BrewBar followed by Robert Palik from Banská Bystrica’s Leroy Bar & Café and Viktor Stefancik from Prešov’s NICO CAFFÉ.

The winner received flight ticket to the World Aeropress Competition and second in the standings earned Vario-W grinder from Mahlkoenig sponsor.

All photos are from www.europeancoffeetrip.com.

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2015 Dutch Aeropress Championship results


The Dutch Aeropress Championship was a blast. We at Coffeecompany had the privilege to be organizing the event for the second time this year. About 150 people showed up which makes it one of the most important coffee competitions in the Netherlands. Especially the grass roots atmosphere and community aspect just makes it a great party to attend.

There were beers from local brewery De Prael and pizza’s from Margherita Tutta La Vita. Gabriel Dunn (from green importer Cafe Imports), Yoeri Joosten (Dutch Cup Tasters Champion & working for Boot Coffee) and Sofie Nys (Quality control at green importer 32cup) were judging, with Jasper Uhlenbusch (green buyer & brand manager at Coffeecompany) as head judge. Coffee used was a washed coffee from Colombia named El Mango, roasted by Coffeecompany.

24 baristas this year, from all over the Netherlands competed on stage for a ticket to the WAC’s in Seattle. After a qualification round, eight competitors remained for the quarter finals and four ended up in the semifinals: Edward Beumer (Trakteren, Amsterdam), Mieke Boden (Crusio, Bergen op Zoom) and Floris van der Burg & Francesco Graccoti (both working at White Label Coffee, Amsterdam). Francesco took home the bronze aeropress, Mieke won the 2nd place and Floris won the 2015 Dutch Aeropress Championship.

Check Facebook for more pics.





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2015 Australian Aeropress Championships


2015 Australian Aeropress Championships
Mecca Coffee Roasters / 26 Bourke Rd. Alexandria, 2015
Saturday 28th March from 5pm

Paul Geshos / Mecca Espresso
Wendy de Jong / Single Origin Coffee
Dylan Johnson / Paramount

Coffee :

MCs :
Tim Varney & Sam Sgambellone

Music :
Mark Free / Everyday Coffee, Melbourne

Poster design :
Aaron Maxwell / Everyday Coffee, Melbourne

Registration via :
Priority entry to the top 3 place getters in Victoria, NSW & Queensland from 5pm Monday 16th.
Fee waived for winners. State winners will skip the first round.

Entry for all others will open at 5pm on Wednesday 18th.

Winner : Flight to Seattle to compete in the WACs

2015 Brazilian Aeropress Championship results

A championship depends on its sponsors. They are in alphabetical order: Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, Coffee Lab, De´Longhi, Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, Industrial Atilla, ísso é café, Mahlkönig and Terceira Onda Consultoria em Café. In addition we want to thank Feito a Grão and last but not least, Aerobie. Without Aerobie none of us would be having any fun at all.


The BAC started relatively on time with eighteen contestants ready to show their mettle. The judges were ready and the crowd hungry for coffee. Those not present could watch from the comfort of their home, subway or bus as we streamed the entire event live in addition to the photographers and a film crew. The first round went as first rounds go. Lots of good coffee and all cups open to the public after the judges were done. After all, running a comp is about educating and always getting better so everyone that wanted a sip got one.


As intermission we had food available and Cervejaria Urbana was there with a mean brew, Gordelica, hoppier than most and fermented with a Trappist yeast giving it a full and fruity finish. A perfect match to the nights pleasures. We also set up s public brewbar with Aeropresses, V60 and a La Marzocco Strada! Everyone was enjoying good coffee this evening.


The semifinals were even more exiting and the judges were able to track certain people through the second withering down. Working blind does not mean dedicated professionals can´t spot a steady hand on the aeropress.
Before the finals, ísso é café, the new webshop of FAF, presented us with a new hit film about the aeropress. Watch it yourself and enjoy as the groove catches you and fills you with the urge to aeropress. Again, all cups open to the public after judging.


In the finals, Simone de Assis Marcili (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza), Edgar Martins (Urbe Café) , and João Francisco de Paula Perez (Coffee Lab) went head to head to produce some really good coffees. The coffees were clean, sweet and engaging and emerging on top we had:


1st place: Edgar Martins
2nd place: João Perez
3rd place: Simone de Assis Marcili


João Perez, Simone de Assis e Edgar Martins.


1st prize: 
Flight to Seattle, lodging while there courtesy of Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, BSCA.
Gold Aeropress official trophy courtesy of Aerobie Aeropress.
Brand spanking new Aeropress, Coffee Lab coffee mug and coffee courtesy of Coffee Lab.
More delicious coffee courtesy of FAF and ísso é café
An official BAC coffee mug courtesy of Terceira Onda Consultoria em Café.


2nd prize:
Silver Aeropress official trophy courtesy of Aerobie Aeropress.
Brand spanking new Aeropress, Coffee Lab coffee mug and coffee courtesy of Coffee Lab.
Hario Skerton coffee mill courtesy of Feito a Grão.
More delicious coffee courtesy of FAF and ísso é café
An official BAC coffee mug courtesy of Terceira Onda Consultoria em Café.


3rd prize:
Bronze Aeropress official trophy courtesy of Aerobie Aeropress.
Brand spanking new Aeropress, Coffee Lab coffee mug and coffee courtesy of Coffee Lab.
Hario Ceramic slim coffee mill courtesy of Feito a Grão.
More delicious coffee courtesy of FAF and ísso é café
An official BAC coffee mug courtesy of Terceira Onda Consultoria em Café.


Again, all cups open to the public.


Congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations to Edgar who will be going to Seattle to test his mettle against the best there is.
After the finals and celebrations the party continued on into the wee hours of the morning.


Links to:
revista espresso/ main collaborator in the media


barista junior


our fb site



2015 Scottish AeroPress Championship – Results!

Results are in from Scotland, where something like 250 coffee loving Scots gathered to crown a champion. Hosts Dear Green Coffee Roasters have this fantastic gallery on FaceBook, while we have the winners and their recipes below:


1st Place – Claire Wallace
Barista, Machina Espresso, Edinburgh

  • 17g coffee, fine filter grind, add 40g water,
  • pre infuse for 30 seconds, stir three times,
  • immediately add 180g water,
  • stir three times @ 1 minute.
  • Long, slow 50 second pour to finish @ 2 minutes.
  • Top up final beverage with 20g water!


2nd Place – Bryan Serwatka
Head of Drinks, Riverhill

  • 15.7g of coffee ground medium fine – slightly coarser than espresso
  • Add 6g splash of cold water to inverted Aeropress, then add coffee
  • Add 60g of 86°C water, stir 4 times, bloom for 1:05
  • Stir once, add 155g water @ 75-78°C – leave until 2:00 mark
  • Stir once, invert, slowly plunge into cooled vessel until 2:50 mark, leaving around 15-25g in the Aeropress


3rd Place – Dean Fairbairn
Barista, Cult Espresso, Edinburgh

  • 17.5 grams coffee
  • 260 grams of water at 76 degrees
  • flush paper
  • steam grind to loosen solubles
  • fill, no bloom
  • slow 1 minute extraction

2015 English AeroPress Championship – Results!


The results are in for the 2015 English AeroPress Championship!

1st Place – Paulina (Kaffeine)


  • 15,5 g coffee
  • 85C water temperature
  • Inverted method
  • Paper filter
  • 0-0:30 s Add 50 g of water and stir 3 times
  • 0:30- 1:00 Pour water to 100 g and stir once
  • 1:00-2:00 Add 135 g put the lid on top and push out the air
  • 2:00-2:30 Flip aeropress and push gently for 30 s

2nd Place – James (Workshop Coffee Co.)


  • Religiously sort through your coffee (discard pales, insect damaged beans, chipped/nicked beans, smaller sizes and so on
  • Pre-heat Aeropress chamber
  • Load two paper filters into cap and rinse thoroughly
  • Fill your Bonavita kettle with SPA water, and set to heat to 95C
  • Weigh out 60g coffee
  • Thwack the grinder to remove anyone else’s chaff and whatnot
  • Set the dial to give you a medium-to-coarse grind size (EK43, coffee burrs)
  • Grind a small handful of beans through, but don’t thwack, leave the motor running
  • Grind your dose, catching it with a large paper cup, leaving the final few grams of coffee grounds to fall onto the table (of course,sweep them up once you’ve brewed your coffee!)
  • Transfer the grounds into another large paper cup, leaving any fines and chaff sticking to the walls – don’t tap the bottom or thwack the grinder!
  • Tip the grounds into a large mesh sieve resting atop a fine mesh sieve (again, don’t tap the bottom of your cup, leave the stuff that clings to the walls behind)
  • Start sieving, catching the grounds that make their way through the top sieve in the bottom sieve
  • The aim here is to remove boulders by discarding grounds left behind in the top sieve, and to remove fines by sieving them out of the bottom sieve (it is courteous to lay down a tea towel and sieve away from other competitors, in case there’s a slight breeze in the room)
  • Once you’re happy the boulders are isolated, and you’re no longer peppering your tea towel with fines, you are ready to brew (this should be at around 2 minutes into your 8 minutes prep/brew time)
  • Add 21g coffee to the pre-heated Aeropress, assembled in the inverted position
  • Add 50g water at 95C and stir steadily for 20 seconds (use a paddle with a sharp point to make sure you can get into the corners – you don’t want grounds sticking to the rubber bung)
  • Top up to 240g total water weight by 40 seconds and stir for another 20 seconds
  • Screw the cap into place, and squeeze the chamber down to remove any air – you should see oils and water start to bead on the cap (wipe this away with a clean towel)
  • Carefully flip the Aeropress onto a clean, glass decanter (don’t pre-heat this)
  • At 1:30 start to plunge very, very slowly
  • You want to get down to the oils on top of the brew slurry at 2:30, and try to avoid pressing them through into your decanter
  • Push the plunger back up half a centimetre, to avoid dripping out the side of the brew chamber when removing the Aeropress
  • Gently stir the brewed coffee and taste (if it’s no good, start again immediately; if it’s good, carry on)
  • You need to serve 200ml coffee to the judges, and so will need to dilute with at least 10g more water
  • Transfer into another clean and cool glass decanter, weighing as you go
  • Top up with your SPA water to 200g beverage weight, and taste again
  • Dilute to taste (in 5g increments) aiming for a prominent sweetness, defining and characterful acidity, a juicy mouthfeel and a good intensity and vibrancy of flavour (remember your judges are drinking lots of coffee – don’t go too subtle and diluted)
  • When happy with the flavour, transfer into a clean cupping bowl
  • Use your final 2 minutes to clean down and restart the bench for the next competitor

Third Place – Veronica (Bulldog Edition)


  • inverted method,
  • sort the beans and get rid of quakers and defects,
  • 14g of coffee at 6,5 grind on the ek,
  • waitrose essential water at 85 degrees,
  • 50 grams of water in,
  • stir NSEW method,
  • 30 sec bloom, then rest of the water in (its altogether 230g of water),
  • stir again, then wait until 1:15
  • do 30 sec plunge so it is finished at 1:45.

Both Square Mile Coffee Roasters and Workshop Coffee Co. put on a fantastic event, with the demolition of 12 kegs of Kernel Brewery Pale Ale, and many, many kilograms of Miss P’s BBQ.

2015 United States AeroPress Championship

After much back-and-forth, to-and-fro, the homeland tournament of the AeroPress itself is finally confirmed!


The 2015 United States AeroPress Championship is the hunt for the US Champion to represent both stars and spangles at the World AeroPress Championships in Seattle on April 9th 2015. Shrouded in glory, praised in hushed whispers — will you be the one?

The competition is taking place on March 29th at 6:00pm, at Underline Coffee, 511 W 20th Street, New York (that’s underneath the High Line, ya dingus). Competitor registration is on the Underline website, and once entered, you will be sent a confirmation email and soon thereafter, competition rules.

With coffee, beer, toast, cakes, music and a special guest coffee celebrity judging panel of Cora Lambert, Deaton ‘Notorious PIG’ Pigot, Erin McCarthy and Theresa von Fuchs, this United States AeroPress Championship is the place to be.

2015 Austrian Aeropress Championship

Adobe Photoshop PDF
The 2nd Austrian AeroPress Championships (no kangaroos) will be arranged Sunday March 15th in Vienna!
The venue will be the Ottakringer Brauerei (famous for the 2012 WBC Barista After Party).
There will be public cuppings and lots of coffee tastings for the crowds:
SCAE Austria has a booth with an espresso machine and amazing baristi
So far 24 nerds have signed up for the Competitions.
Judges come from Hamburg, Oslo, Vienna and Salzburg.
Bestbrew, the provider for AeroPress in this part of Europe has sponsored the ticket for the winner to Seattle in April.
We’ll have barrelloads of beer for a nice price, Irish Coffees from the baristi who are pissed there was no Coffee In Good Spirits in Austria this year and a DJ playing Mozart.

Things kick off  at 12:00, at “Goldfassl Magazin”, ottakringer platz 1

All this and more possible because these awesome sponsors like us (a lot):
Süssmund Rösterei’, Bestbrew, BWT, ‘Die Rösterin’, ‘Kaffee-Alchemie’, Ottakringer Brauerei’, ‘La Cultura de Caffé’, ‘Felix kaffee’ and Independent Cupping Vienna!
(Thanks to Klaus Triffich for an awesome poster!)