WAC National Guidelines


Ensuring your national Aeropress competition runs smoothy and successfully now means fulfilling the below guidelines. It is important that you are still able to stamp your own personality on the competition by interpreting the rules as you see fit, however it is equally important that there is a level of uniformity to the national competitions.

New to 2015

1. A lead time of 6 weeks is required. 

Venue, dates, times, poster and entrance information is required to be submitted to WAC headquarters to ensure sufficient time is given to willing competitors and that enough exposure if given to the event.

2. Poster

A poster must be produced which must include the logos of the global sponsors, the official WAC circuit logo and local sponsors. A high definition version must be submitted to WAC headquarters.

3. Partnering with local distributor

Engagement with the local Aeropress distributor is required, nothing is expected from the relationship apart from allowing the opportunity for the local distributor to be involved – the level of involvement is up to the organiser. The local distributor should looked to as a possible financial supporter of the event.

4. Fulfilling global sponsor requirements

Depending on your country and the relevance of the global sponsors in your region, certain conditions need to be met. Specifics of this will be released soon. It may include ensuring the grinder sponsors grinder is available or the cup sponsors cup is used throughout the competition.

5. The winner of the national competition must be flown to the WACs

Funds must be collected to ensure the winner of the national competition is able to travel to the WACs – this year the WACs will be held in Seattle during the SCAA in April, 2015. This is the responsibility of the local organiser.

6. Reporting & documentation of the event

A thorough report of the event must be completed. This should include a review of the events itself, the top 3 recipes must be submitted, a collection of photography (and video if possible) must be submitted, the names and workplaces of all competitors must be submitted. There will be an online form created to be submitted on completion of the national competition.

7. Agreement 

Signing the agreement form must be completed before the competition organisation begins. This is now in place as multiple local organisers have simultaneously approached WAC headquarters to run the event. To ensure a successful event is carried out – the above conditions need to be agreed to being met.

The above guidelines are in place to ensure a straight-forward and cohesive operation of all national competitions, as well as ensuring the provision of appropriate support to national winners. Our aim is not to be unduly strict, but to encourage and support interested parties to put on a great event. If you feel that your country has exceptional circumstances, please get in touch to discuss the potential for tailored conditions.

Details on the other rules and regulations for the competition can be found here.

2015 National Aeropress Championships

AP14-86 copy

The World Aeropress Championships have grown year on year and in 2014 we had 33 national competitions. It is becoming more and more popular and to avoid clashes at national level, we’ve needed to introduce new regulations for national coordinators – which will be evolving over the next few weeks.

The arrangements for 2015 Aeropress championships for national organisers have changed slightly. To ensure you are given certification to be the official national competition, you’ll need to ensure the following requirements are fulfilled :

a guaranteed 1st prize of a flight to Seattle to compete in the WACs for the winner of the national competition.
all details of the national competition need to be announced on the WAC website at least 6 weeks before the competition date to ensure all potential competitors have time to register their interest to compete
a poster for the competition needs to be commissioned
a report and review of the competition, including the winner’s recipes, need to be submitted to the WACs for publishing on the WAC website – media, including photos, need to be submitted too.
Currently, we are working on having the national Aeropress distributor of your country to assist in the running costs of the competition. We are also working on other sponsorship options to help to contribute to the cost of running the competition. Details will follow soon. It remains your responsibility to arrange and seek sponsorship assistance locally from potential supporters of the competition.

Further details on the arrangements for national competitions will be coming soon. In the meantime, please contact WAC Headquarters via the Contact page. You can also see most of the rules and regulations, including a handy ‘How to…’ video via the Rules page.

Your support and expansion of the competition is thanks to the generous and talented national organisers and volunteers.

A word from Shuichi Sasaki



Some words from the 2014 World Aeropress Champion, Shuichi Sasaki -
The Japan Aeropress Championship in April, a preliminary competition to determine the right to pass on to the World Aeropress Championship,  and the Japan Domestic Aeropress Championship were both held in Tokyo. Both winners were baristas from Paul Bassett coffee in Japan, Kiyokazu Suzuki won the domestic competition and I won the Japan Aeropress Chanpionship. Kiyokazu Suzuki who received coffee training from Paul Bassett himself is a head roaster and also the chief barista of Paul Bassett coffee Japan.
Thinking toward WAC, I came to understand the important characteristics necessary for the taste of my coffee: a clean cup, well-balanced and a brew that highlights the coffee bean’s character.
Before going to Rimini, I thought two abilities would be important to win the competition. One of these was the ability to brew the coffee just as I imagined. I should do within a limited amount of time. The WAC gave all entrants coffee beans to use just before going on stage. Therefore, I tasted using different kind of coffee beans, but also a lot of types like different roast level, a variety of brewing areas needed refining.
Another one was finding a way to make a ‘consistent cup’, because I needed to win three times during the tournament day.  My recipe of Aeropress was a little bit different from the most general way. To give any extra pressure to coffee beans translated to off-flavours, so the ideal way was brewing the coffee similar to a cupping profile. Lower water temperature, coffee beans ground courser and taking longer to press made a cleaner cup.
In Rimini the stage was outside, on a hot beach. This meant that all brewing tools, including the Aeroprress and coffee beans had been warmed up. I thought the methods I tried in Japan would not work very well in Rimini. I actually brewed coffee with my method first, but it ended up too acidic. However lowering the water temperature and grinding the coffee a little less finely helped achieve a better taste.
Finally, there are so many people I wish to thank for helping me to win the WAC championship: the staff at Paul Bassett coffee, the JAC and WAC organizers, and of course Tim Varney. The judges Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann and Tim Styles I wish I could thank you all in person.
Aeropress has only been around for 15 years, but i think it will continue to grow in popularity. I look forward to see who the 2015 WAC champion will be, and what kind of recipe they will produce.
Here is Shuichi’s recipe :

16.5g coffee, 78℃, 250cc, soft mineral water, EK43 Grind at 9.5

Rinse normal paper filter, in standard position.
40g of blooming water for 25 seconds, stir 5 times.
Add 210g of water, stir once.
Press very slowly for 75 seconds.
Leave 45g.

Martin Karabino & Jeff Verellen’s recipes…




Martin Karabinos’ recipe :

Aeropress in regular position.

18,5 grams, EK43 at 6,2.

80g of water at 35C for 3 minutes, stir well and close aeropress.

135g of water at 92C, stir once and push slowly for 30 seconds.

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Jeff Verellen’s recipe :
Picking: unripes, too big, too small, ears.
Grind: setting 8 on EK
Sieving: using sowden softbrew filter, banging and shaking it to get rid if the superfines. You can also lose some of the chaff this way.
Water: spa blue, soft 33 dry rest mineral water, ph 6.6.
17,5gr ground coffee.
30 second soft bloom, at 82c, wet all the grounds nice and even, shake lightly around if not arounds 40gr water.
1 minute extremely slow pour, 230gr water, at 76c
30 second soft plunge.
Extra Rimini beach version: plunge in a superchilled container, on ice if possible.
Leave enough slurry in the aeropress, about 50gr.
With this coffee I originally had my recipe at 86 bloom/ 82 pour. We calculated with the weather, humidity and bean temp before grinding that shaving 5c degrees would correct the extraction. In retrospect, even lower was better.

Shuichi Sasaki’s WAC winning recipe

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16.5g coffee, 78℃, 250cc, soft mineral water, EK43 Grind at 9.5

Rinse normal paper filter, in standard position.
40g of blooming water for 25 seconds, stir 5 times.
Add 210g of water, stir once.
Press very slowly for 75 seconds.
Leave 45g.

Shuichi Sasaki wins the 2014 World Aeropress Championship


1st. Shuichi Sasaki (Paul Bassett Coffee) – 2014 Japanese Aeropress Champion

2nd. Martin Karabiňoš (Dublin Cafe) – 2014 Slovakian Aeropress Champion

3rd. Jeff Verellen (CaffeNation) – 2014 Belgium Aeropress Champion


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Huge thank you to everyone who travelled across the globe to either compete or witness the madness of the WACs, on the beach mind you. An incredibly impressive effort from the 3 judges, Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann and Tim Styles who cupped through 13 rounds of coffees in sweltering heat. Massive thank you to the people who supported the competition with equipment : Marco supplied boilers and an Uber grinder, Mahlkönig donated an EK43, Brita with perfectly formed water, Bonavita donated kettles and scales for competing with and a prizes, KeepCup for supplying the competition cups. Extra special thank you to the fine folks at CafeImports who had the difficult task of shipping coffee to 27 different countries with their lovely from Perla Chiquita. All these beautiful photos were taken by Luca Rossetti. Thanks also to Jordan as DJ Sprudge who managed to warm the place even further with his epic selection of Italo disco jams…

And of course, La Marzocco, practically family to me now. Marta, Eliana, Enrico, Guido, Chris & co. You are amazing. Thanks again!

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Recipes soon…

Your 2014 WAC Competitors…






1. Chen SiSi (Essence Cafe in ShangHai) –  2014 Chinese Aeropress Champion

2. Kai Keong Ng (Bear Brothers and Cow) – 2014 Swiss Aeropress Champion

3. Aldrin Lumaban (Craft Coffee Revolution) – 2014 Philippine Aeropress Champion

4. Lara San Miguel (Right Side Coffee) – 2014 Spanish Aeropress Champion

5. Luzia Taschler (Machhörndl Kaffee) – 2013 German Aeropress Champion

6. Peter Szalczer – 2014 Hungarian Aeropress Champion

7. Dylan Johnson (Paramount Coffee Project) – 2014 Australian Aeropress Champion

8. Mikkel Selmer (La Cabra Coffee Roasters) – 2014 Danish Aeropress Champion

9. Nicholas Rapp (Flight Coffee) – 2014 New Zealand Brewers Cup Champion

10. Lukas Soľanič (Borovica Wellness Hotel) – 2014 Czech Aeropress Champion

11. Alep Wolly ( Toby’s Estate Coffee) – 2014 Singapore Aeropress Champion

12. Melodie Hoff (Anomaly) – 2014 French Aeropress Champion

13. Simon Boone (CaffeNation) – 2014 Dutch Aeropress Champion

14. Monika Winiarek (Coffee Angel) – 2014 Irish Aeropress Champion

15. Jeff Verellen (CaffeNation) – 2014 Belgium Aeropress Champion

16. Jeremy Moore (Bonlife Coffee) – 2014 USA Aeropress Champion

17. Oscar Nyman (Perkelator) – 2014 Swedish Aeropress Champion

18. Eystien Veflingstad (Lippe) – 2014 Norwegian Aeropress Champion

19. Samuli Parkkinen (Home Enthusiast) – 2014 Finnish Aeropress Champion

20. Ilona Przewoźniczek (Ministerstwo Kawy) – 2014 Polish Aeropress Champion

21. Shuichi Sasaki (Paul Bassett Coffee) – 2014 Japanese Aeropress Champion

22. David Robson (On the Brew Cafe) – 2014 Scottish Aeropress Champion

23. Gabrielle von Koss (Square Mile Coffee Roasters) – 2014 UK Aeropress Champion

24. Martin Karabiňoš (Dublin Cafe) – 2014 Slovakian Aeropress Champion

25. Davide Spinelli (Work Up) – 2014 Italian Aeropress Champion

26. Daniel Erasmus (Colombo Coffee & Tea) – 2014 South African Aeropress Champion

27. Boris Ortner (Kaffeemodul) – 2014 Austrian Aeropress Champion


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