2016 Japan AeroPress Championship


This is the 5th year anniversary of the Japan AeroPress Championship, so it’s a chance for a birthday party and competition combined. Delicious food & craft beer by T. Y. Harbour Brewery and Smokehouse will be on offer, along with a very special DJ: Takashi Horiuchi (cafe vivement dimanche). He is a legend of Japanese cafe culture.

Dress code: “PARTY!”


Competition: Japan
Hosted By: Nozy Coffee
Where: 5-17-13, Jing-mae
Tokyo, 150-0001
When: 5:30pm, Wednesday 17 February 2016
Competitors: 27
Cost: 3000 yen
Entry: https://www.facebook.com/japanaeropresschampionship/
Judges: Head judge: Toshiaki Ishi / Amameria Espresso
Kenji Kojima / Fuglen Tokyo
Shuichi Sasaki / Paul Bassett & 2014 World AeroPress Champion
Tetsu Kasuya / Coffee Factory & 2015 Japan AeroPress Champion
Sponsors:  FBC international
Coffee Factory(Tsukuba)
Glitch Coffee & Roasters
cafe vivement dimanche
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2016 Dutch AeroPress Championship


George – “What is Holland?”
Jerry – “What do you mean: “What is it?”. It’s a country, right next to Belgium.”
George – “No, that’s the Netherlands.”
Jerry – “Holland is the Netherlands.”
George – “Then who are the Dutch?”
The Butter Shave episode, Seinfeld, sometime in the 90s.

Coffeecompany will be hosting the Dutch Aeropress Championship for the third time this year and it’s promising to be the biggest and funnest ever. The event draws more coffee lovers each year and has grown into one of the most important in the Dutch coffee scene. On 19 March 2016, during the weekend of the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, the competition will take place at the Oosterdok flagship location in Amsterdam. The Dutch Aeropress Championship is arguably the most popular coffee competition in the Netherlands, with over 180 people showing up last year.

Poster was designed by Dutch graphic designer Vincent Meertens. Elements from the Aeropress and the rich history of Dutch Design were combined and form a layered mix of forms and typography.


Competition: Netherlands
Hosted By: Coffee company
Where: Oosterdokskade 137
Amsterdam 1011DL
When: 6:30pm, Saturday 19 March 2016
Competitors: 27
Cost: 25 euro
Entry: coffeecompany.nl
Sponsors: Britt
De Prael
Judges:  Måns Akne Andersson
Damien Durda
Jasper Uhlenbusch
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2016 South Australian AeroPress Championship


The next of the five Australian regionals, is the South Australian AeroPress Championship hosted by Exchange Specialty Coffee in Adelaide. Recently turned coffee-maker turned wine-maker turned coffee-buyer, Eileen Kenny will be judging along with Adam Metelmann and Dom Ossa. It’s always good to know $3 beers will be on offer from Pikes Brewery. Snacks will be supplied too – which I’m assuming will be cheddar cheese and cabana sausage on toothpicks. Get down there Adeladistas!


Competition: South Australia regional
Hosted By: Exchange Specialty Coffee
Where: Shops 1&2
12-18 Vardon Ave.
When: 7pm, Friday 26 February 2016
Competitors: 15
Cost: $20
Entry: saaeropresschamps@gmail.com
Sponsors: Exchange Specialty Coffee
Dawn Patrol Coffee Roasters
Pikes Brewery
Pullman Espresso Accessories
Judges:  Eileen Kenny
Adam Metelmann
Dom Ossa
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2016 New South Wales AeroPress Championship

aeropress_2016_nsw_champs copy

Time to announce the first of the five regional competitions in Australia, the 2016 New South Wales AeroPress Championships. Following on from this, will be the Victorian, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australian competitions. For now though, the fantastic people at Single O Roasters have put  together the NSWACs and an amazing monkey enjoying a coffee waterslide poster, naturally. Karatu AA all the way from Kenya via Dormans will be the competition coffee. Exciting!


Competition: New South Wales regional
Hosted By: Single Origin Roasters
Where: Single O Roast Works
28b Cranbrook Street
When: 5pm, Saturday 27th February 2016
Cost: $25
Entry: Eventbrite
Sponsors: La Marzocco
Dormans Coffee
4 Pines Beer
The Tuckshop
Judges:  Tim Varney
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2016 Irish AeroPress Championship


This’ll sort of be a dress rehearsal for the World AeroPress Championships in June. Important data on the partying habits of the Irish will be transmitted to the WAC headquarters for appraisal – from here, we’ll know just how much “party supplies” will be required. Then we’ll double the order.

We love that The Barn’s Ralf Rueller will be joined by Ireland’s finest – a barista champion and a former AeroPress champion. Ralf is a tough cookie to impress, so get practising Ireland. We’ve also heard a 15 year old has signed up to compete, so we might see our youngest ever champion!

Competition: Ireland
Hosted By: First Draft Coffee
Where: The Fumbally
Fumbally Lane,
When: 6:30pm, Thursday 14 April 2016
Competitors: 24
Cost: €25
Entry: https://goo.gl/l2FDU6
Sponsors: First Draft Coffee
Made by Knock Grinders
Standart Magazine
The Barn
Judges: Ralf Rueller
Irish Barista Champion (TBC)
Irish AeroPress Champion (TBC)
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2016 New Zealand AeroPress Championship


The legends at Ozone Coffee Roasters are taking on the 2016 New Zealand AeroPress Championships again, and we’re really pleased about it. Once again, their poster is fantastic. For those of you based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Whangaparoa Bay then make a weekend of it, and visit the Pukeiti Rhododendron Garden (we can’t promise the flowers will be in bloom at the time of publishing this article).


Competition: New Zealand
Hosted By: Ozone Coffee Roasters
Where: Ozone Coffee Roasters
47a King Street
New Plymouth, Taranaki
New Zealand
When: 5:00pm, Saturday 2 April 2016
Competitors: 27
Cost: NZ$60
Entry: aeropress@ozonecoffee.co.nz
Sponsors: Ozone Coffee Roasters
King & Queen Hotel Suites
Macfarlanes Assist
RGB Metal Filters
Judges: Tim Varney – WAC
Jess Godfrey – ACME & Co
Tom Handiside – La Marzocco NZ
Heath Cater – SILO
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2016 Saudi Arabia AeroPress Championship


Well hasn’t this competition spread far and wide. This is Saudi Arabia’s first AeroPress championship – and they’ve not messed about, there will be Western Division, Central Division and Eastern division regionals. Wowzers. They’ve even got a strategic partner in Eye of Riyadh to help get the competition off the ground. It’s also great to see the community getting together with many of the roasters and coffee shops getting behind the event. We can’t wait to see how the event pans out! Keep an eye on @varietalcafe to get all the updates on the regionals – happening now!


Competition: Saudi Arabia
Hosted By: Sulalat Coffee
Where: Camel Step Coffee
Abu Bar St. Exit 6
Riyadh, Riyadh 12816
Saudi Arabia
When: 7:00pm, Friday 11 March 2016
Competitors: 72+
Cost: Free!
Entry: saudiaeropresschampionship.com
Sponsors: Eye of Riyadh
Espresso Parts
Brew 92
Coffee Talk
Medd Coffee
Caffeine Lab
Roasting House
Camel Step Coffee
Coffee Shrubs Trading
SN Cafe
Varietal Cafe
Judges: Abdulhameed Jamali
Ali Gazzawi
Husain Ibrahim
Ahmad Bajunaid
Osamah Al-Awwam
Abdulkarim Al-Harbi
Abdullatif Al-Oshaigry
Mohammad Al-Twaijry
Wayel Al-Wohaibi
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2016 Danish AeroPress Championships


We love Denmark, we love The Coffee Collective. Those of you in attendance will be spoilt with some delicious Mikkeller brews and you’ll have overtly beautiful people to mingle with. Maybe there’ll be some coffee cheese on offer? There’s going to be some swell jams on the loudspeaker; the music scene in Denmark is pretty swish. The big drawcard of course is the recently crowned Swedish queen of brewing, Anne ‘Ananas’ Lunell, who’ll be there to answer all of your most probing coffee brewing questions.


Competition: Denmark
Hosted By: The Coffee Collective
Where: The Coffee Collective
Godthåbsvej 34 B
Frederiksberg 2000
When: 2:00pm, Sunday 6 March 2016
Competitors: 18
Cost: DKK 250
Entry: www.billetto.dk/aeropress2
Sponsors: The Coffee Collective A/S
Judges: Nicolas Clerc
Anne Lunell
Klaus Thomsen
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Proudly presented by…

Amazing, isn’t it? A snap of the fingers and, out of nowhere, we magic up a forty-seven nation coffee making competition. Well, the reality is a just a touch more complicated than that.

In fact, in addition to the two of us there’s a veritable plethora of people that come together to make the World AeroPress Championship happen each year. Hosts, judges, competitors, volunteers, designers and, most importantly perhaps, the supporters who each pony up the time, resources and cash that helps us bring everything together.

WAC 2015_Event_1454

One of the reasons audiences don’t find themselves bored to tears at our events is that we don’t drone on about our sponsors ad infinitum. But we’re lucky to work with a great bunch of people, so over the coming months we’ll be introducing you to the people behind the brands — the actual individuals that we work with to make our competition happen.

But for now we’re very proud to announce that the 2016 World AeroPress Championship season is brought to you by…

 – Partners
Coffee  Cafe Imports
Roasting  Workshop Coffee
Cups  Acme & Co.

Party  La Marzocco
Grinder  Mahlkonig
Hardware  Bonavita

Water  Brita
Prizes  Baratza
Media  Sprudge

We probably could put on the championship without them, but trust us — it’d suck. And you’d be paying for your own drinks. So instead, join us in Dublin in June, and raise a glass in thanks.