2015 Turkish Aeropress Championship

Lock up your cevzes, we’re go in Istanbul!


On March 15th at 4pm the majestic doors of Soho House Istanbul will swing open, allowing access for Aeropress adorers of East and West and permitting them to unite in their love of injection-moulded coffee brewers.

According to Google Translate;

“Coffee Norman is one of the first 3 contestants who Able metal filter, jealousy and envy gaze on the groom’s sister-in-law…”

I can’t vouch for that personally, but I’m confident the day will be a humdinging good time, with the local ockabasis filling up for lamb beyti and cop sis at the close of festivities.

In the native tongue:

Yarışma hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi için tıklayın
Yarışma katılım formu için tıklayın
Sponsorlar: Soho House İstanbul, Mira Gıda, Piknik İstanbul, Marco ve Mahlkönig, EverPure, Probador Colectiva, Norm Coffee
ÖDÜLLER: Mira Gıda’dan birinciye Dünya Şampiyonası için Seatle’a gidiş dönüş uçak bileti ve konaklama Mira Gıda’dan ilk 3’e giren yarışmacılara birer tane Aeropress, Mahlkönig’den ilk 3’e giren yarışmacılara birer tane Mahlkönig Vario-W değirmen, Probador Colectiva’dan finallere kalan 6 yarışmacıya 250 gr’lık yarışma kahvesi, Norm Coffee’den ilk 3’e giren yarışmacılara birer tane able metal filtre, Damadın eltisinden haset ve gıpta dolu bakışlar..

Organiser and Judge Çağatay Gülabioğlu had this to say on the striking, acid-trip, Alice in Wonderland poster:

It is reference to the interaction between the Galata Tower, which is a dinstictive symbol of İstanbul portreyed as an Aeropress (as we all know a hip and modern day equipment for coffee) and Turkish coffee pot (or cezve which is one of the oldest known tool-techniques of coffee brewing)..They are celebrating the long awaited meeting of east and west.

Entry for competitors costs 50TL, and there’s both a staggering amount of information and a ticket purchasing application process I can’t understand online:



Don’t miss the chance to straddle the continents of glory and success (as well as Europe and Asia) by either attending, participating in or winning the 2015 Turkish Aeropress Championship.


2015 Turkish Aeropress Championship
March 15th, 4:00pm
Soho House, Istanbul


2015 French Aeropress Championship


Bonjour! Very bonjour!

French Aeropress Championship (Championnat de France d’Aeropress)

9 March 2015, 7 pm : Le Comptoir Général, Paris 

Organisers > Réseau des Baristas de France (French Barista Network)

Sponsors > Belco // Art of Coffee (http://www.artofcoffee.fr/) & Modderne (http://www.modderne.com/fr/15-cafe)

CoffeeAll competitors will use Washed Ethiopian coffee (Sidamo Shilicho) from Le Petit Noir

Registration20 Euros, 15 Euros for RBF members & Google form http://goo.gl/forms/XPPlN0vESf (will go live Thursday Feb 26th at 8pm GMT+1)

Judges >

Laura Plaineau (2nd at French Cup Tasters Championship 2015 and RBF Secretary)

Raphaël Prime (First Q-grader in the history of France, and the closest-sounding we have to Tim)

Antoine Péron (Roaster of the Competition Coffee)

MC > Nir Chouchana (French Coffee In Good Spirits Champion 2014)

Winner > Flown to Seattle for the WACs

Social media >


@reseaubaristasfrance on twitter and Instagram


2015 Irish Aeropress Championship

Irish Aeropress Championship

Oh my word, they’re coming in thick and fast now.

Not content to co-host just one Aeropress Championship per season, this year sees Workshop Coffee Co. teaming up with Joe’s Coffee, Dublin and TKC Sales to co-host the 2015 Irish Aeropress Championship.

On March 14th at 6:00pm, twenty eager competitors will vie for the title of 2015 Irish Aeropress Champion and the opportunity to represent Ireland at the World Aeropress Championship in Seattle come April. Alongside the obvious glory, the winner will be provided with return flights and accommodation for the event (so be sure you’re able to travel to the USA at short notice!).

Tickets for entering as a competitor are available at www.workshopcoffee.com/IAC2015 for £10 each and purchases are limited to one per person*. Spectator entry is free and in addition to the excitement of the event there’ll be hot snacks and cold beer for all.

Competitors will compete using coffee from Workshop Coffee Co., and will be sent a 250g bag of the actual coffee to practice with ahead of the event. A fresh roast of the same coffee will be available on the day.

Your judges, including James Bailey (Workshop Coffee Co. – Head of Quality) and Mate Szekeres (Joe’s Coffee – Head Barista), will be blind selecting the most delicious brew placed in front of them each round; not the most technically-proficient or perfect, just the one they’d want to drink.

For further information or questions, contact Stuart Ritson at stuart.ritson@workshopcoffee.com

- – – –
2015 Irish Aeropress Championship
6:00pm, Saturday March 14th
Joe’s Coffee
15 Montague Street, Dublin


* While competitor places are on a ‘first in, best dressed’ basis, we reserve the right to revoke entries if a particular company is over-represented. Participation, not domination.

2015 Taiwan Aeropress Championship


2015 Taiwan Aeropress Championship from 5-10pm, Mar 6, 2015 at All DAY Roasting Company

#329, YanShou St., SongShan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan 10577 Explanation session:7pm Feb 25, 2015 @ All DAY Roasting Company


Registration by e-mail: AeropressTW@gmail.com

Registration Period: 2015/02/05~2015/02/09
Competitors: Limited to 36
Admission Fee:NT$3000 (US$ 93.75)
Registration Confirmation: Once confirmed competitors’ admission fee, organizer will sent out the confirmation letter.

  • Top 3 will have their trophies, and prizes. Semi-final Competitors will have prizes also. Competitors will have gifts from TAC.
  • Champion will attend 2015 World Aeropress Championship on behalf of Taiwan with sponsorship of flight.

Judge Panel

  • Mr. Pang-Yu Liu
    (2014 World Cup Tasters Champion)
  • Mr. Krude Che-Hao Lin
    (The founder of Taiwan Coffee lab, Q-grader, COE judge)
  • Mr. Chen-Shiao “Chacha” Hsieh
    (2014 TBrC Sensory Judge, Founder of Kopi’s Sensory Room)
  • Mr. Vincent Hung
    (Hong Kong Barista Championship Sensory Judge, 2011 World Siphonist Championship 4th Place, 2013 and 2014 HKBC first-runner’s up, Founder of Brew Note Coffee Roaster)
  •  Ms. Chiao-Yu Chang Liao (Q-grader and Roaster)
  •  Dr. Jonathan “Sunbear” Chao
    (Semi-final list of 2013 WAC, 2013 TBC Third-runner’s up, Organizer of TAC)


Jackie Lai (2014 World Roaster Champion) (Friendly support)

Competition Rules


And all details are announced via Facebook:

Golden Sponsor: Yeuan-Yeou Enterprise Co., Ltd. (源友/Alpha Coffee)

Coffee Bean/Silver Sponsor: Haru International Corp. (守成生豆)(Coffee Bean: Danch Meng from Levelup)

Bronze Sponsors:


Mahlkoenig EK43 Grinder, with help by Mahlkoenig Asian office, Hurshy’s Cafetieria, and provided by Taiwan agent: Conjaft Int’l Co., Ltd. (百懋國際)
Marco Uber Grinder, provided by Taiwan agent: Vetti Gourmet Coffee. (維堤咖啡)

Bonavita, provided by Bonavita’s Asian office.
Acaia, with the help from Acaia headquarters and provided by Taiwan agent: Vetti Gourmet Coffee. Hot pots:
Acaia, Bonavita, Nomad Plus, Dough, Keepcup, X-coffee.

Special Thanks

Taiwan Coffee Lab(台灣咖啡研究室), Coffee T&I(Taiwan), Earth Tree Trading Co., Ltd.(米家貿易)

2015 Victorian Aeropress Championship

2015 Victorian Aeropress Poster1

2015 Victorian Aeropress Championship during PLATFORM

Thursday 11th March – 6pm
PLATFORM – cnr. Little Bourke St. & Spencer St.
Entry fee $30
Beer by Sample Brews and Cheeseburgers by Top Padddock.
Music from Mark Free of Everyday Coffee.
James Hoffmann, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, London
Tim Williams, World Aeropress Championships, Canary Islands

April Fahey, Supreme Coffee Roasters, Melbourne

Winner flown to Sydney for the 2015 Australian Aeropress Championship – win that, and you’ll be flown to the World Aeropress Championships.

Coffee from SILO roasted by Small Batch Roasting Co. to be announced…

Competitor tickets here.

2015 Swedish Aeropress Championships


Probably, secretly, our favourite poster this year here at WAC Headquarters… The multi-talented Brian W. Jones has done it again. A staunch supporter of the competition since day 1!

Swedish AeroPress Championship 2015

When & Where
Friday, 6 March, 2015
20:00 – 23:00
Competitor practice begins at 19:00

J&N Konceptbutik
Swedenborgsgatan 7
118 48 Stockholm, Sweden

100 SEK to compete (limited to 18 competitors / 3 from a single company)

Competition Coffee
roasted by Koppi Coffee Roasters

#1 Ida Carlsson, Mean Coffee 
#2 Arman Seropian, Cafe Pascal 
#3 TBA

RSVP on Facebook
Use #WACSM on Twitter & Instagram


More info here.

2015 Canadian Aeropress Championship


The winner of the 2015 Canadian AeroPress Championships will win entry, flights and accommodation to Seattle USA, to represent Canada in the World AeroPress Championship in April 2015. We are thrilled to sponsor this event alongside Pinnacle Distribution INC, Transcend Coffee, Baratza, BY Group LTD, Hario, Tool Shed, Acaia and Eight Ounce Coffee.


The rules are simple; judges will evaluate (blind), purely based on taste, and the best filter style brew from the AeroPress. We want the competition to be as simple and transparent as possible, with the intention of fine-tuning the hugely varied technique used to brew on the AeroPress. The World AeroPress Championship has approved this rule set.

The required volume of the drink is 2dL, which must be served in the supplied cupping cup. No added ingredients are allowed
. All competitors will have an 8 minutes comp time, this includes prep time & brew time – the clock will count down from 8 minutes. Failure to serve the drink in that time will mean disqualification. The technique used by the competitor must be in writing and given to the judges – this will not be considered in judging.

HEAD JUDGE: The Head Judge for the 2015 Canadian AeroPress Championships is Josh Hockin, (Transcend Coffee). Additional judges are Jessie Attrell (Rosso Coffee Roasters), Sam Tolhurst (Fratello Coffee Roasters) and Phil Robertson (Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters).

JUDGING: There are three judges and a Head Judge. There are no official score-sheets or cupping forms used by the judges. The three judges are all competent coffee tasters and have a high level of experience brewing with the AeroPress and are acquainted with the AeroPress cup profile and style. The judges are also competent in assessing extraction via taste only.

The competitors must serve the exact same amount of coffee in each of their cups – this will ensure equal assessment. Temperature of the drink is not assessed, and the judges have as much time as required to allow the drink to cool for optimal drinking temperature. Stirring and cooling warmer brews is suggested for the judges to equalize the temperature. The cups provided will have the competitors number written on the bottom of the cup. Once judges have completed their evaluation, the MC or head judge will count to 3, at which point the judges will point to their favoured cup. The most votes wins. If all 3 judges choose a different coffee, the head judge will cup all the coffees and make the final decision.

Judges will be looking for clarity of flavour via good extraction and a distinct representation of the coffee used for the competition. As a guide, judges should be assessing aroma, flavour, acidity & sweetness, body, balance and aftertaste.

ROUNDS: The event entry will be open to maximum 27 participants. In the preliminary rounds, there will be 9 rounds of 3 competitors per round. The winner from each round will go though to the semi-finals. There will be 3 semi-final rounds, with 3 competitors in each round. The 3 winners will go head-to-head in the final round.

In the case of only 18 competitors, third place will be determined before the final round between the 2 winners of the semi-finals. Judges will select the 2nd best coffee from each of the semi-finals.

After each round, competitors must use the judging time to clear their station so it is ready for the next round of competitors. During which time the next round of competitors may set up their equipment.


Competitors are welcome to bring their own water but must use the provided grinder. Competitors will be supplied with one Bonavita kettle, one Aerobie AeroPress and one Mahlkonig EK43 grinder. Any modifications to the actual AeroPress will need to be authorized by the Head Judge. Any AeroPress filters, including metal filters, are allowed.

GRINDER: The official competition grinder of the 2015 Canadian AeroPress Championship is Mahlkonig EK43.

SCALE: The official competition scale for the 2015 Canadian AeroPress Championships is the Acaia Pearl. The Acaia is an award-winning scale designed specifically for the coffee enthusiast and professional barista. The scales set a new standard for speed and precision with ultra-fast 20ms response time and 1/10 gram sensitivity.

KETTLE: The official competition kettle is the Bonavita 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle. This kettle will be made available to every competitor.

WATER: The water used will be 60ppm water achieved through a Cirqua system. The system creates reverse osmosis water and mixes it to the right ratio with filtered City of Calgary water to achieve 60ppm.

COFFEE SELECTION: Competitors are permitted to use ONLY Phil & Sebastian roasted coffee for the 2015 Canadian AeroPress Championship. Coffee will be sent out to competitors on March 13, 2015. More information can be found in competition package.


First Prize: Flight and Accommodation to Seattle, USA for the 2015 World Aeropress Championships.

Second Prize: Baratza Encore, One Aeropress, One Acaia Scale and One Hario Glass Decanter

Third Prize: One Aeropress, One Acaia Scale and One Hario Glass Decanter


The competition date is Sunday March 22, 2015, doors open at 2pm with a start time of 3pm. The event will be held at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters’ Roasterie and Headquarters: 2701- 16th Street SE in Calgary.

The entry fee for this event is $30 (Plus GST), per competitor.

The event is free to the public.

Click here to signup as a competitor


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