Choice Swag! Choice, I Say!

Hold onto your hats, it’s a World AeroPress Championship first! After years of asking, the majesty of the competition poster is now yours to take home! That’s right, at this year’s event we’re going to be selling copies of our poster, which features the exhaustively laboured over and staggeringly awesome artwork by David Salinas of Department of Brewology.

We asked that David draw each and every poster by hand, for that really authentic ‘touched by the artist’ vibe, but at over 150 hours of work for the design, we were likely to run out of time to get a hundred made. So, the posters are printed in water-based black ink instead, but David is going to be on hand to sign posters and rest his arm gently around your shoulder while you get your photo taken with him. How’s that for touched by the artist?

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We’ll be stocking just 75 A1-sized prints on 100lb speckletone white French paper, and it’s strictly first in, best dressed. Thirty-five dollars, please.

Now, what do you notice about this shirt? Take a good look.


That’s right, it’s being worn by a total hunk — check please! But that fact aside, it’s also the first ever, extremely limited, available exclusively in Seattle, World AeroPress Championship tee shirt…

Printed on light-grey, 100% cotton crew neck tees there are just 100 shirts being made, and only 75 being offered for sale. They’d be a bargain at twice the price, but can be yours for just twenty-five of your American dollars. Not a tee shirt kinda girl or guy? That’s OK — we’ve got you, too.

And in another World AeroPress Championship first, you can recreate the dizzying highs, terrifying lows and creamy middles of competitive AeroPress brewing by buying a bag of the competition coffee — the exact same batch that the champions will be competing with!

It’s an incredible coffee – an SL28 variety selection, grown and produced by Don Carlos of La Perla del Cafe in Costa Rica, and donated by our esteemed coffee partners, Cafe Imports. Don Carlos was the first to get  SL28 seeds into Costa Rica and gave them away selflessly to his fellow producers to help everyone improve their coffee quality. Not content to provide us with an amazing coffee, Cafe Imports bought this selection a one-way ticket on the Condor Airways flight out of San Jose, stowed it securely in the overhead compartment and got it up to the U.S. of A. in record time. Good work, chaps. Twenty dollars and a bag of it can be yours (ten dollars of which will go straight to a charity initiative in a producing country*).

But how are you going to carry all this choice swag home? You need some kind of 100% cotton, handled carrying device, resplendent with artistic adornment also. Wow — you are in luck, friend!


Fifteen dollars, can’t say fairer than that.

So, here’s the wrap. Before the emails flood in, this is what you need to know…

We’re sorry, but no. You can’t buy these online. No, sorry, we can’t mail you one, especially. You have to come to Seattle on the evening of April 9th, and buy one in person**. Antiquated and backward, we know, but that’s just how we like it.

See you in Seattle.




* Which charity initiative is still to be decided, we’ll keep you posted.
** If there’s any left over, we’ll look at putting them online somewhere, but no promises.

2015 Irish AeroPress Championship – Results


In Dublin on the 14th March Workshop Coffee Co. and Joe’s Coffee co-hosted this year’s Irish Aeropress Championship. A large crowd descended on St. Stephen’s Green where 20 budding AeroPress competitors met in Hatch & Sons restaurant to brew through the evening and into the night.

The coffee, sourced and roasted by Workshop Coffee Co., was Santa Rosa from Huila, Colombia. The judging panel included James Bailey (Head of Quality, Workshop Coffee Co.) – one of the judges for the World Championship in Seattle – Monika Palova (Head Roaster, 3FE) and Mate Szekeres (Head Barista, Joe’s Coffee).

Returning to the fray was Monika Winiarek (Irish Aeropress Champion 2014) but in an unexpected twist she was knocked out in the first round heats. The first rounds over with, the semis and finals were all head to head seeing Love Supreme’s Craig Andrew knocked into fourth place, beaten by Neil White of Arch Coffee in Waterford who took third place.

The second place winner was Jake Lange, who took away a years subscription to Workshop Coffee and the winner was Grzegorz Wincenty-Cichy, who will be representing Ireland in Seattle next month. Check out their recipes below – notably Jake’s which he refers to as ‘The Irish Volcano’…

Third Place – Neil White
15g coffee, 85 degree water, Inverted Method:

  • At 0:00 – 50g bloom, no stir
  • At 0:30 – Add 170g water
  • At 1:00 – Stir gently x5 times 
  • At 1:30 – Stir gently x5 times and attach filter cap
  • At 2:15 – Flip Aeropress onto jug/cup, swirl gently to detach grounds stuck to plunger rubber
  • At 2:30 – Plunge approx 50g quickly then slowly plunge remainder 
  • At 3:15 – Finish at air hiss

Second Place – Jacob Lange
18g coffee, 88 degree water, ‘Super Inverted’ (or Irish Volcano) Method:

  • Fill the Bonavita Kettle almost full and heat to 88° C.
  • Pre-heat everything and prep filter.
  • 18g beans, grind at setting 3 on the Tanzania. Take a second and enjoy the aroma of the beans.
  • Add to Aeropress in inverted position.
  • Pour 50ml water for the bloom, couple of gentle stirs to make sure the grounds are evenly wet. 30 seconds total time. 
  • Carefully add another 200ml water (to 250ml total). You should have a gorgeous crema on top. Gently push down any floating grounds. Place filter and cap on top tightly. 30 seconds total time for this.
  • Move inverted Aeropress to a flat bottomed stainless steel bowl. Place Aeropress funnel on top, so fits hexagonally. Gently and steadily press down on funnel so coffee flows out of the cap (sort of like a volcano), down the side of the Aeropress and into the bowl. Be careful not to press too hard as you will get silt – listen for hiss of air, which you don’t want. 60 seconds total time for this. 
  • Pour coffee from steel bowl into cup and thoroughly enjoy!

First Place – Grzegorz Wincenty-Cichy
18g of coffee, ground coarse,

Ashbeck water at 88 degrees, Inverted Method:

  • Add 50g water, bloom for 30 seconds
  • Add slowly (40 sec) water to total amount of 245g
  • Stir three times
  • Press slowly for about 40 seconds
  • 2 minutes total brew time

2015 Turkish AeroPress Championship – Results

The Turkish Aeropress Championship which was held for the first time in Turkey was a nice gathering for a very enthusiastic crowd who are the pioneers of the prospering specialty coffee scene in İstanbul. The event is held at the biggest venue of world famous SohoHouse opened recently in the historic heart of the city. The building which was once used as American embassy was breathtaking with its historical connections, beautiful architecture and interior design.

18 contestants had a chance to compete with a Ninety Plus Kemgin W2 coffee roasted by the event organizer Probador Colectiva. They were delivered their coffees 2 weeks before the competition and had enough time to practice prior to the battle. At the end of the day it was a very gentle, friendly competition and the judges had hard times as most of the coffees served were prepared masterfully.

Top three contesters won baratza vario grinders, AeroPress, Able Disks and a package of coffee from Probador Colectiva. The winner also won the ticket to Seattle and 4 days of accommodation.

Here are the results:

First Place – UFUK ARSLAN

  • Sift 30 gr coffee at 250micron filter
  • Forr 2 minutes get 20gr coffee
  • Use 93.5C and 240gr water
  • Bloom with 55-60gr water for 30 seconds
  • Add the rest of the water
  • Pat with a spoon
  • At 140m close the cap and spin the aeropress 10 times vertically
  • Between 2.45-3.00m it should be done

Second Place – REFİKA KORTUN

  • 80C and 300ml water
  • Pour blooming water to the aeropress with a paper filter to heat everything up
  • 20gr of coffee grinded at 8.5
  • Pour water until it reaches aeropress sign 1
  • Stir stir stir with wooden chopstick
  • Let 35-40 seconds to bloom
  • Pour water until it reaches aeropress sing 4
  • Press slowly for about 30 seconds
  • Stop whne it reaches aeropress sign 1

Third Place – CEM BOZKUŞ

  • At regular position
  • Well washed two paper filters
  • 18gr coffee on Mahlkönig vario at 6M (sifted fines)
  • 92C water
  • 60gr for blooming for 30 seconds
  • Vigiriously sttirred for 1 second
  • Pour  the rest 200gr water till 1.00m
  • Start pushing until 2.10m
  • Wait 2m before serving

2015 Belgian Aeropress Championship results


Jeff Verellen won… again. He’ll be competing in Seattle for the chance to win the World Aeropress Championships for the 3rd time! Perhaps it’s time people started really looking at how he brews. From Rob Berghmans, who once again hosted a fantastic Belgian Championship :

“A crazy crown, wonderful coffees and Jeff who won the cup; that is basically the story of the championships …. for the last 3 years.

We had a record high 25 aeropressers on the roster! Baristas, home and professional, from all over the country traveled to Antwerp last Sunday to compete for the prestigious price of becoming Belgium’s best Aeropresser.

Knowing that the Belgian competitor made it to the World final each of the last 5 World championship – with 3 wins, it means a lot of top class coffee masters at work.

The coffee was the Rwanda Gakenke Muyongwe, gracefully donated by 32cup and roasted in Antwerp at the Caffenation Roastery.

The judges were imported from Amsterdam and Paris and were very pleased by what they cupped.
And the best cup was, once again, made by Jeff Verellen. Of course he was the man everyone expected, but still a big hand for how consistent he works his way through the heats and semi final, to press his best cup in the finals. It tasted like a perfect candy and maybe the best coffee we ever had in this competition.

Here the recipes from 3rd Place, Roeland Rypens, a non-professional who made it all the way up to the bronze aeropress!. 2nd Yf Feller, working as Barista and Roaster for Labath, Gent. And 1st Jeff Verellen, Head Roaster at Caffenation and representing Belgium at the WAC in Seattle, USA.”


Jeff competing in the 2014 WACs in Rimini – with Bert getting in on the action.


1st Place : Jeff Verellen
-Picking out odd beans, sours, damaged, chipped, lights.
-Charge a pvc tube of about a meter with static, wear a lot of wool or rub a scarf on it, wear rubber soles.
-After grinding I sent the grinds trough the PVC tube, see that you don’t lose your static. (Removes chaff and some ultra light particles)
-Sieve, I still use a Sowden mesh. Try to only sieve the ultra fines (dust) this removes bitterness, makes the bloom a lot easier(!).

Spa water with about 50 milligram of added magnesium.

Core recipe:
Aeropress in regular mode.
A cold receptacle, a dash of cold water in it //20 grams.
18 grams grounds prepared coffee (see above)
Bloom at 84c for 30 seconds or till wet grounds just hardened up. //40 grams of water
Get water at 80c pour and re-wet slowly (about 20 seconds) all the grinds //100 grams
Top up with water at 76c, just pour in the middle, no agitation, as slow as possible (about 40 seconds) //130 grams
Plunge very slow, here is where you can calibrate your grinder, about 3,5 to 4 kg max should you press, anything above that and I would grind coarser.
Don’t push too far – it may not make any ‘hissing’ sound

2nd Place : Yf Feller
Grind 17,75 grams ‘cupping grind’ – relatively course
Bang the fines out with a Espro filter
Take a double paper filter and pre wet with very hot water and level it
Get some Spa Blue up to 78 degrees
Bloom 50 ml for 30″, in a ‘cold’ aeropress
Pour 30″, while breaking the crust, up to 250 ml total
Keep the aeropress positioned on a ‘cold’ glass server
Put the plunger in and pull it slightly back up to prevent dripping
Then press 30″ til the ‘crema’ is just above the grounds
Serve in a non-heated cupping bowl

3rd Place : Roeland Rypens
Sort out coffee beans (discard pales, damaged beans,…)
Fill Bonavita kettle with 500gr of filtered water in from Bunn ( 93°) leave lid off), filter by Brita PPM 150
Load paper filter in cap and rinse thoroughly
Grind 24 gr Coffee ( Grind 5 on Mahlkonig EK43)
catch grinds with paper cup and transfer them into other paper cup ( fines & chaff sticks to walls)
Add 23 gr coffee beans in the Aeropress in inverted position
Pour 10 sec until 45 grams.
Let beans bloom for 28 seconds
Pour 15 seconds until 235 grams of water weight.
Stir twice
Screw cap into place
Let coffee settle for 80 seconds
Clean the Cupping bowl
Flip aeropress carefully
Press slowly 35 seconds
Stop pressing when air makes the grinds visible
Avoid pressing air & oils through
Make sure no particles have landed in the cupping bowl.
Ready to serve!


2015 Philippine Aeropress Championship results

Judges 2

More results streaming through faster than we can keep up here at World Aeropress headquarters. This time, the Philippine Aeropress Championship. The video pretty much sums up the vibe at the design conscious Yardstick Coffee. Kaye Ong from Habitual Coffee won first place and will be representing the Philippines in Seattle. Thanks Andre Chanco who’s done another fantastic job organising the Philippine Championship.

Here are some cracking photos and the recipes of the top 3 competitors…

Philippine results template

2015 Mexican Aeropress Championship

Aeropress 2015_Español

Well, with some generous sponsors, a great venue for the event, tv interviews to promote the event, more than 18 competitors, and 3 Q graders as the judges – Mexico is ready to send the 2015 Mexican Aeropress Champion to Seattle!

The evenet will be held on the 28th of March in the city of Pachuca in the state of Hidalgo.

The 3 more than qualified Q graded Judges are: Roberto Vazquez, Clemente Santiago Paz, Jose Luis Muñoz Guerrero

2015 World AeroPress Championship


And so, my pretties… here it is! That mother of all competitions. The ultimate mixing of ground coffee and water, subsequently filtered and ingested orally for critical evaluation. It’s the night you’ve all been emailing us about constantly, with niggling little questions and queries. Well, friends, here they lie in all their glory, those long sought-after beauties you thought were never coming… Answers! Details! A Vague and General Plan! With pleasure, it’s none other than

The 2015 World Aeropress Championship!

Date / Thursday 9th April from 6:00pm
LocationWithinSodo – 2916 Utah Ave South, Seattle (Google Maps)

Partners / Cafe Imports, Bonavita, Uppercup, Sprudge, La Marzocco
Supporters / Baratza, Everpure, Mahlkonig & Intelligentsia

Competitor Registration / Open to all official national Aeropress Champions via here.
Tickets / Entry is free, but tickets are required. Please register for your invitation here.

Coffee / La Perla Del Cafe – SL28, Finca Chispita, Fully Washed from CafeImports.

Don Carlos of La Perla Del Cafe was the first to get the SL28 seeds into Costa Rica and gave them away selflessly to his fellow producers to help everyone improve their coffee quality and be leaders in coffee innovation in the region. His work in quality is impeccable as he sees his coffee like wine. He truly only picks ripe cherries or “Sangre de Toro” (Bull’s Blood) as it is coined in Costa Rica and doesn’t let anyone in his drying patio with dirty shoes. This coffee has been specially selected, purchased and shipped around the World extremely generously by CafeImports exclusively for the WACs. Oh, by the way, only 2 bags were produced!

Food & Beer / Tokyo Dog & Fremont Brewing Co.

MCs / David Latourell, Tim Varney & Ben Kaminsky MCs2015

Judges / Eden-Marie Abramowicz, Erin Meister, Amanda Juris, Anne Lunell, Katie Carguilo & James Bailey, Noah Namowicz, Tim Wendelboe, Mike Phillips, Stephen Morrissey. judges2015girls judges2015boys

Forget about the competitors, I’m getting hot under the collar just thinking about the calibre of the judging panel — look at the dreamy smiles on every one of them (except Mike Phillips and Anne Lunell – who are simply looking moody and enigmatic). “10 judges!” – I hear you shout; well we have a little surprise for you on the new, improved and WACkier judging format. The MC’s I could take or leave, but they’ll add a little structure and charm to the evening.

So! For a night of unbridled AeroPressure, register for your free tickets and join us at WithinSodo, Seattle for what will undoubtedly be the greatest World AeroPress Championship to date.

Keep an eye on the official WAC social media outlets from all the updates, images and frothy gossip!

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / SPRUDGE


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