1st: Jeff Verellen, Belgium (2011)


270g @ 80°C
Paper, rinsed with hot water


1. Put the paper filter in the filter holder, wet it with hot water, let it expand and refit it.
2. Screw it very tightly into a clean preferably pre-heated AeroPress.
3. Measure out 17 grams of coffee (well, specifically this Kenya…) and grind coarsely, bit coarser than paper filter at the very last moment.
4. Put the AeroPress non-inverted on the recipient.
5. Measure 270 grams of soft mineral water or filtered water and bring it to 80°C.
6. Splash a bit of the water on the filter and directly after throw in the freshly ground coffee, as to allow the bottom to wet and expand a bit.
7. Directly after, wet the coffee by dripping or pouring very slowly all the grounds, about 40 grams
8. After the coffee has absorbed the water, after about 30 seconds, start very slowly pouring the rest of the water, try to re-wet the coffee fully again, see that the grounds do not separate from the water, this can be done using a good kettle with small nozzle.
9. Let the AeroPress steep and drip for about 1/4th through or 1 minute.
10. Help about 2/4th of the rest of the water through, with the provided piston, very gently.
11. Remove the press and the what’s left, about 50 grams of water from the recipient and throw away.