our ethos

The World AeroPress Championship is about building community, making friends, and celebrating coffee

At its heart, the WAC exists to bring coffee-loving people together in an open, inclusive, and fun environment.

In 2005, the world was introduced to a little plastic coffee brewer.

In 2004, inventor and retired Stanford University engineering instructor Alan Adler began studying the coffee brewing process. He had a simple goal in mind: brew a superior cup of coffee. One year later, the AeroPress came out of the same manufacturing facility as the Aerobie (yes, that flying disc).

In 2008, a simple idea came to two coffee lovers:

"Wouldn’t it be fun to see who could brew the best cup of AeroPress coffee?" And with that simple idea, the World AeroPress Championship was born.

The first competition took place in a small room in Oslo, with only three competitors and Tim Wendelboe as the judge. It was a modest and understated affair. 

Since '08, the championship has become a global community and phenomenon.

Like many ideas good and simple, the competition has since grown organically, and now spans over 120 regional and national events taking place in over 60 countries.

Each season now sees more than 4,500 competitors getting involved, and yet, despite its size, the competition remains a fun, inclusive and light-hearted pursuit.