2nd: Ingri Margrethe Johnsen, Norway (2012)


Coffee:17g (light roasted fresh crop washed Sidamo from Heart Roasters)
Fine, on a Mahlkönig Tanzania grinder
From Maridalsvannet (brought in glass bottles from my flat in Oslo, Norway)
Paper, rinsed with hot water


1. Preheat AeroPress for 10 sec
2. 96°C pour temp (gives about 90°C actual brew temp)
3. 260 grams of water
4. No stirring
5. 50 sec steep time
6. 20 sec press time – slow enough to get a clean brew but also some fines (yuck) and oils (yum)
7. Stop pressing before air comes out
8. Wait for the fines to sink and temp to cool, then pour but hold back the last part with the fines (taste sample for yourself!)
9. The cup: a clean brew with floral notes and taste of sweet lemons.