2nd: Jeppe Hasager, Denmark (2010)


A little coarser than filter (3.25 in the Brew Bar)
230g @ 75°C (provided in the Brew Bar)
Paper, rinsed


1. 18 grams of coffee ground a little coarser than filter (3.25 in the Brew Bar)
2. 230 grams of 75°C water provided in the Brew Bar!
3. Start the timer
4. Pour water nice and easy with a Hario twisting the AeroPress
5. Stir gently for 10 sec, make sure to get all the way to the bottom
6. Clean the paper filter with water
7. After 1.15 min turn and press – gently for approx 30 sec
8. Stop pressing when water surface is broken by the coffee grounds
9. Stir the coffee up and down with a spoon
10. Serve the 2 dl (200 ml) to the judges and enjoy the little leftovers yourself