3rd: Alexander Scheen Jensen, Norway (2009)


Filter ground
Paper, soaked


1. Do a ‘blind’ press with boiling water to soak the paper filter.
2. Pour 20 grams of filter ground coffee into the main AeroPress chamber.
3. Pour boiling water to “1” mark on the plunger and wait for 5 seconds.
4. Pour water from the plunger into the main chamber. Circulate water and grounds with a jug underneath, ensuring grounds are wet.
5. Fill water from boiler up to “3” mark on the plunger.
6. 30 seconds after pouring the first water in, pour in the contents of the plunger into the main chamber. Then press firmly until the brewed coffee is extracted into the jug, but stop just before the ‘pppffssstt’ sound.
7. Serve.