3rd: Jeff Verellen, Belgium (2010)


One bit finer then filter (4 on Ditting)
Paper, rinsed with hot water


1. Water serving temperature: tough one. We trained at 80°C, but then competed in the finals at 82°C. Jeff thought the roast was very fresh and needed 85°C, but I thought that was dangerous. He went for something in the middle.
2. Volume of coffee: 20 grams. A classic cut for us; a lot for a 20cl (200ml) drink maybe.
3. Then the brewing: Before the actual brew we decided to make a blind press to heat up the plastic of the press, the cup and rinse the paper filter.
4. We first take the filter and filter holder off and reverse the press. 20 grams is ground in a stainless steel cup (this is non static, except for the lightest of grounds!!) and we use a funnel to keep things clean.
5. As pouring device we went for the Buono kettle. This allows you to pour slowly and, this way, control the blooming. We often see an uncontrolled blooming while pouring too much water too fast.
6. We pour the water very slow and keep on rotating the base to make sure all coffee grounds brews well. This takes about 30 seconds.
7. We screw on the filter and wait 60 seconds. By this time all coffee is well agitated and it’s time to invert the AeroPress for pressing.
8. We go now for a very slow press.
9. After almost (another) 60 seconds we stop just before or just on the moment of the hissing sound. The last bit of water is very oily and bitter.