3rd: Jeff Verellen, Belgium (2014)


Coffee: 17.5g
Water: 270g Spa Blue mineral water @ 82°C / 76°C
Brewer: Inverted
Filter: Paper

  1. Pick out all coffee beans that are pale, too big, too small or ear-shaped.
  2. Grind coffee at "8" on a Malkoenig EK43
  3. Tip ground coffee into a Sowden Softbrew filter
  4. Bang and shake the filter to get rid of the super-fines (You can also lose some of the chaff this way)
  5. Add around 40g of water at 82°C, being sure to wet all the grounds evenly
  6. Allow to bloom for 30 seconds - shake lightly there are dry spots
  7. Add 230g of water at 76°C in an extremely slow pour: it should take 60 seconds
  8. Press down gently for 30 seconds
  9. Leave about 50g of slurry in the AeroPress

** Extra Rimini beach version: plunge in a superchilled container, on ice if possible.