2022 season

Resources for Hosts

Thank you for joining the World AeroPress Championship circuit and our network of hosts around the world! We're glad to have you.

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Hosting Guide

Your one-stop guide to hosting a successful 2022 World AeroPress Championship event.

2022 Season Timeline

MAR - MAY 2022
Finalization of plans & agreements
Sourcing external partnerships
Onboarding 2022 hosts

MAY - OCT 2022
Competition season is open
Promotion of National and Regional Championships
Final planning for World Final

The last day of hosting: October 31, 2022

DEC 1–3 2022
W.A.C. World Final
Vancouver, Canada

For the first time ever, the World Final event will take place over three days with activities for both competitors and attendees to immerse themselves in the festivities.

More info on the World Final page.

2022 season

Forms & Stages

Step 1: Sign the Hosting Agreement

Before you hit the ground running, sign the 2022 Hosting Agreement and make your license fee contribution via debit or credit card. Be sure to read carefully (this is the serious part).

Step 2: Trophies

Use this form to supply us with your postal address so we can get your trophies made and shipped A.S.A.P.

Step 3: Pick Date & Location

The sooner you finalize these details, the more time you’ll have to plan an awesome event!

The last day to host a national championship is October 31, 2022

Step 4: Create Your Poster

Your championship poster is an integral part of the event! This is how you will get the word out to your local community, provide value to your sponsors, and how we promote your national or regional championship to our audience on social media and event listing page.

☞ Poster must follow these guidelines

Orientation: Portrait
Size: A0 (841 × 1189 mm)
Resolution: 300ppi
Format: Vector file, pdf, png

Step 5: Register Your Event

Use this form to supply us with your event date, location, sign-up information, and marketing material so we can update your listing on our Events page.

Step 6: Host Your Event

This is the fun part! Make sure to snap lots of photos and tag @aero.press so we can take part in the fun online!

Step 7: Submit Your Results

Event results, winning recipe and some photography must be received within five (5) business days of the conclusion of your event using the form below. This is how we update our website, announce your new national champion on social media, and get in touch with them for the world final!

Step 7.5: The Winning Recipe

On the Results Form, we ask to share the winning recipe. Follow the format below for the most useful information.

Coffee used: Roaster, Origin, Processing Method, Variety
Brewer position: 
Filter type: 
Filter prep: 

Coffee weight: 
Grind size: 
Type of water: 
Total brew time: 

Method (step by step instructions):

happy hosting!

Remember, your event should strive to be be fun, inclusive and welcoming for competitors and guests alike (yourself included!).

If you still have questions or need any clarification, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help!