2023 victorian aeropress champs

Fieldwork Coffee x Slayer Espresso present: FACE/OFF

The AeroPress Champs... but not as you know it.

how do i compete in the victorian aeropress champs?

All you need is an entry ballot and to be there on the night. But hurry, ballots close at midnight on Sunday, November 5th at midnight.

Instead of announcing places in advance, competitors won’t know their matchups until mere moments before the battle begins! Names of ballot-holders will be drawn randomly at the start of each round, and those chosen will have just one minute to claim their place on stage.

Will fate be on your side? There’s only one way to find out.

The Wildcard Twist!

Think your AeroPress journey is over if you’re knocked out or never called to the stage? Think again.

As the clock strikes 8 pm, two wildcard spots in the semi-finals will open up, giving every ballot-holder another shot at glory.

This is the comeback opportunity of a lifetime, a second chance to prove your brewing prowess.

The Crucial Ingredient

The official competition coffee is a washed Gesha from Peru, roasted by Fieldwork Coffee, sourced by Caravela Coffee.

Available for purchase on the Fieldwork website, with a free bag available for pickup for all ballot holders (more information at the bottom of this page).

Your destiny, like the perfect brew, is in your hands.


aka the fine print

Get ready to experience the Victorian AeroPress Championship like never before.

Epic battles, unexpected twists, and the chance to represent Australia at the world finals in December.