2016 WAC world final

Dublin, Ireland

1st Place: Filip Kucharczyk, Poland
2nd Place: Jerome Dittmar, France
3rd Place: Hugo Sousa Rocco, Brazil

A party-like atmosphere full of psychedelic colour and fun prevailed as attendees enjoyed the competition along with food, music, and beverages at event venue WigWam.

This year saw a pool of more than 2000 competitors try their hand at the AeroPress competition, which produced 52 nation champions representing countries such as China, Ecuador, Finland, Romania, Iran, and Malaysia. For the first time Colombia also had a representative at the World Championship.

In addition to having more competitors than ever, this year’s WAC saw more judges than ever: 11 diverse and reputable coffee professionals from all corners of the globe. And how does one have 11 different people judging a competition at once, you ask? You spin a wheel each round to choose 3 different judges (or possibly also win a shot of Baileys), of course.