2017 WAC world final

Seoul, Korea

1st Place: Paulina Miczka, England
2nd Place: Yusuke Narisawa, Japan
3rd Place: Jeongsu Park, South Korea

The doors of Cafe Alver (알베르) opened at 6.30 pm, welcoming the first rounds of the total of 58 AeroPressers from all around the world, who started to float onto the stage at around 7.00 pm.

The audience was entertained not only by the brewing on stage but also by the tireless MCs Michelle R. Johnson of The Chocolate Barista and Marcus Boni of Intelligentsia Coffee, who amused the crowd with their conversations as well as their regular change of outfits.

In addition to the action of the competition, there was music provided by DJ Homework, along with some of Seoul’s best food trucks on the forecourt, and Magpie Brewing Co. on board to ensure the free beer was flowing all night.

This year’s special upgrade and a bit of a game-changer was the wild card ballot system. Thanks to it, in the evening, two lucky competitors, who were unfortunately out of the game already, got another shot in the qualifiers.

After a quick slurping session the judges were ready to point their index fingers and, in a split second, we knew the 2017 World AeroPress Champion would be Paulina Miczka!