Our story (so far)...

When the AeroPress coffee maker was released it had a problem. No-one knew how to use it.

In 2008, a small group of friends gathered in Oslo, Norway to solve this problem, competing to see who's recipe would make the best cup of AeroPress coffee.

There were just three competitors and Tim Wendelboe served as the judge. It was a modest affair and so it was given the ironic title of 'World AeroPress Championship'.

Like many good and simple ideas, the event has spread like wildfire. More than a decade later, the competition involves 120 community events each year, with national championships place in more than 60 countries.

Despite growing to attract around 4,000 competitors each season, the competition remains a fun, inclusive and light-hearted pursuit.

Today, the World AeroPress Championship is organised from Melbourne, Australia and remains an independent, grass-roots organisation.