2023 World final

Melbourne, Australia

1st Place: Tay Wipvasutt, Thailand
2nd Place: Carlo Graf Bülow, Germany
3rd Place: Leon Zhang, China

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Relive the 2023 Australian AeroPress Championship and World Final

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December 2nd

2023 World AeroPress Championship (Prelims, Semis, and Final Round)

December 2nd

2023 World AeroPress Championship (Elimination Rounds)

december 1st

2023 Australian AeroPress Championship

A Note From The Organizers

The 2023 season has officially come to a close, and we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on everything that’s been, while looking forward to the upcoming year.

For our fifteen year anniversary, we put wild ideas and formats into practice, introducing new products and new challenges for competitors on the world stage and kept things hot and fresh for our audience around the globe.

This year, we had our largest cohort of global participation yet, with over 5,000 competitors across 178 National and Regional events. Our goal to make endless glory on the world stage accessible and inclusive continues to ring true, and the worldwide phenomenon that is the WAC is showing no signs of slowing down.

Thanks to the hard work of our small team, our network of hosts around the world, and the support of our generous sponsors, we’ve continued to grow the championship, reach new coffee markets, and leave a positive impression on the lives of coffee lovers across the globe.

— Tim Williams & Grant Gamble


2023 Season at a Glance

5 New WAC Circuits
178 Total WAC Events
117 Regional Championships
61 National Championships
5,033 Competitors Worldwide
55,346 Spectators Worldwide

2023 aac & wac

Thank you to our sponsors of the 2023 season

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